Our series on lights spotted by Jimmy continues:

Also, I don’t know how much your site goes into the late 60s/70s, but these globe lights they sell are just too good to not be mentioned! If you go into the indoor decorative section of the catalog, page 7A has a whole listing of hanging globes, ellipses, even cubes! And my favorite part is that they even have that funky smoked glass with chrome stem that personally reminds me of a 70s ski resort I go to every winter. Also, (I know I’m rambling, sorry!) check out page 15 for clusters of hanging globes, and pages 35 and 41 of the outdoor section for the post and wall versions of the globes.

Tikimama liked these, too, adding in comment when Jimmy and the first batch of light were introduced:

Wow! Great resource…and from such a youngun’! It’s definitely worth taking a look at the whole catalog (although Jimmy’s right – their website is truly dated!). I thought there were a lot of indoor fixtures that had a very mod vibe, but even more exiting were the outdoor fixtures! I’ve had a hard time finding anything I like for the outside of our home, but here there are lots of clean-lined options. Even dark-sky friendly lights (something very important where I currently live near Joshua Tree National Park, but also something relatively easy we could all do to lessen light pollution).

There are powder-coated color options – lots! – even pink!!!

Lisa in Yucca Valley (but in Upland as of next week!) CA

Powder-coated Pink outdoor lights – my heart be still! Thanks, Jimmy! Thanks, Lisa!

See Primelight Manufacturing Corp’s product lineup here.

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  1. Tikimama says:

    Be still MY heart – I made it into a post!! The things that make me happy…. I’m writing this from our new house in Upland, which was a little old ladies house, original owner! Yippee! It has a turquoise kitchen that I’m dying to get around to sending in pix to the group here. But that really has nothing to do with this post. Seriously, will the first person who buys from this company please let us know how they rate them: product, customer service, etc. Thanks! Lisa

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