Reader Anne sent us this wonderful video. This is what I call inculcating America’s youth! I asked Anne to tell me a little bit about herself – her retro renovation story – and here’s what she had to say:

I live in a 1968 condo. I have my Mom and Dad’s Danish Modern furniture! 🙂 and some of their groovy 60’s decor. Isn’t it great to have family that keeps EVERYTHING?!?!

I am also so happy to read about the counter top laminates, floor tiles, and all the other great information, as that will come in handy for much needed replacements.

I also have to save my money, as my two cats (both!) had major vet bills, so I will have to reno/deco vicariously through your website for awhile!

Such is life, but they are worth it!

From, Anne

Thank you Anne, and snaps for discovering pink bathrooms on YouTube!

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