Jeff is on the lookout for gold speckled laminate countertops — he uses them for banjo finger boards!

This week I heard from Jeff, who uses vintage speckled laminate for his banjo finger boards. I just think that is so cool… you know I am part Kentuckian. P.S. Can someone tell me how to get the accent mark over the ‘e’, as in lame’ … as I am dying to write lame’ laminate?

Note to all readers…and I need to make the speckled laminate issue an FAQ because I constantly get the question: No one makes it anymore. Discontinued by the last maker just three years ago, alas. And I believe, but I need to verify, that the technology to make it is no longer even in use. 

Meanwhile — Jeff needs salvaged countertops. And I know with so many retro renovators out there prowling Restores and estate sales and dumpsters – we can help Jeff find more of this treasure and put it to good use. Read on – and contact Jeff via his website if you find a stash that can head his way! E.g.: Sumac Sue, what about that countertop salvaged from your neighbor’s demo that didn’t work out, despite Wayne’s heroic efforts?

Following are Jeff’s emails…kind of strung together. Tee hee. Strung together. Get it?

Hi there, I am searching for some gold fleck/white formica. Do you know of any? I use it in my instrument making. I have contacted Formica and found out that they are no longer making it. I have been collecting this Formica for years and find it from folks doing renos. I make banjos and use it for the fingerboard surface.

I live in Toronto…I have had over 10 counter tops shipped:) They can be cut into shipping sizes… I only need 20″ lengths..Yeah it feels good to recycle the material.. As long as it is not scratched up I can use it… I have a way of removing it from the counter board,

IF you EVER get any or know of any white with gold fleck counter material….salvaged…please let me know!

Thanks for the post!

Jeff Menzies
New, Used & Vintage Acoustic Instruments

Meanwhile, take a look at this 50s laminate countertop. It’s from a new reader, Anna, who shows more of her groovalicious ranch house on her blog, MoModerne.com. FYI, she had her vintage steel cabinets done at Maaco.


“Oh my gosh, I love it, who DID your kitchen?”



Tee hee.

Anna’s blog is also now on my blogroll for anytime reading. I’ve been adding to the blogroll pretty religiously lately, with the goal of getting all retro house blogs catalogued in one easy-to-find place. If you have one and it’s missing – be sure to let me know.

  1. Cindy Rodgers says:

    Lol. I sent Jeff gold fleck counter top.
    Don’t bother trying to take it off yourself by doing things like soaking it in a lake for week. Or trying to pound below it with a metal spatula and hammer. Just stick it in a box and ship it.

  2. Bob Ferranti says:

    I’m renovating a 60’s vintage travel trailer and need to find a piece of laminate four by five. Anyone out there that could help?
    I would even love to get a 50’s vintage piece if I could.My trailer is mint green and white with light powder brown accent and natural wood cabinets. Anything that may match or accent these colors would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. nancy says:

    OK- Got to share having your steel cabinets done at Maaco! I had to look up Maaco to even know what that was (having to do w/ kitchens…)? I was confused. How did you do it? I have many cabinets that need repainting-
    Thanks, Nancy

  4. 50sPam says:

    Oopsy! Spanish was in my double major, I can get the accents right there! … For me to get them into these posts, I have to write them in Word, inserting the symbol as appropriate… then move them to the Notepad… then to the blog. Considering my obsessiveness, it’s not a must-do, now that I know how to do it.


  5. Tikimama says:

    Okay, Pam, I hate to be a stickler, but it’s voila with the accent like this ` on the a at the end. Sorry, I’m a French major. But, obviously I don’t know how to DO the accents on a page like this, only in Word, so please do share that helpful hint.

    It will be nice not to have to read about LAME laminate anymore!


  6. Sumac Sue says:

    I was sitting here trying to figure out what speckles and accent marks had to do with being a Kentuckian, when I saw my nom-de-retro in bold print! Of course, I understand what something like a banjo has to do with the Bluegrass State, and I am excited to learn of Jeff’s business. There are a couple of good musicians in our family who have dabbled in instrument making. They definitely will be interested in his website. (Wayne and I have just enough skills to make the dog bark when we plunk on the mandolin and dulcimer.)

    Unfortunately, we hauled the speckled laminate off to the Restore when we finally accepted that we couldn’t get it to fit — a sad day. We have spotted an odd-shaped piece or two in the past year, so maybe we will find more. We will let you and Jeff know if we do. What a really great use for material that might not be the right size for a kitchen anymore!

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