This past weekend I made my long-awaited pilgrimage to S.J. Masters Tile in Canaan, New York. Salesperson Debbie was as wonderful and helpful as can be. She tells me they do A LOT of business with New Yorkers who own 2nd homes in the area and are updating them in retro style consistent with their original design. Hurray! I have lots and lots of tiles to show you over time. S.J. Masters had a good selection. Today: This fabulous Flintstones tile (above) and a similar Pebblestone mosaic. I love love love love love these! I need to find me a 60s groove pad to restore, drats!

Anyone can order from S.J. Masters. Alternatively – check the biggest tile store in your area to see what kind of selection you can uncover. The further you get into the 50s, then 60s, you’re looking for mosaics! And it’s amazing – with mid mod so hot today, I’m seeing more and more great alternatives!

  1. Mid Mod Pam says:

    Hi Alice aka sleepingbee, As most of these are high gloss, I would see them on walls or countertops. The very first Flintstone tile in the upper left – the beige/brown – is a matte finish, so I think that would be fine on a floor. I always like to say that I am no academic expert – but somehow from osmosis from looking at magazines til my eyes cross, I envision these for bathrooms, not kitchens. And, you could use them around and at the heart of a very mid mod fireplace.

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