How old is this metal cabinet and kitchen sink?

Harvest brown metal sink

How old is this metal kitchen sink base? Emily writes in…

She writes:

I have a coppertone cabinet-sink combo thing that looks like it dates from when our house was built: 1954.  Its kind of half-cabinets half-sink — I know nothing about this stuff.  Is there someone who specializes in this that I could email a picture to identify it?

Thanks so much.  The lady who owned the home before us obviously loved every millimeter of it and took loving care of this in particular.  I’m not sure that this is a keeper for us, but I would like to know more about it.

Emily: I think this is a relic of the late 60s or early 70s. Remember harvest gold and avocado green? This color – an earthy, coppertone brown – went hand-in-hand along with them. This piece is amazing to see. At first I got the heebeejeebees (the 70s were not my best years) but blink! and I was over it. LOVE IT! Work with it, girl – you can have some amazing decorating fun with this! And it’s been cared for – hurray. Toss it out and I assure you — in 10 years, you will regret it. Deeply.

If you want to know more about vintage steel kitchen cabinets, Emily, you are now in the right place. Go to the Steel Kitchen Cabinets  Category and read on. 


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