Just in. Couldn’t wait til tomorrow. $400. Annapolis. On Baltimore craigslist TODAY (link now gone.) Thanks to seller J for emailing and giving permission to feature the photo and listing.

  1. Leslie says:

    I think the middle (above and behind the sink) looks like an airplane bathroom. I do think of the “H” word in an avant garde sort of way.

  2. Fiona - Notorious Kitsch says:

    I gotta say I love it, but then not only do I love the 50’s but I also love anything theatrically over the top!!

    Fab! Thanks for sharing

  3. lara says:

    I think this is great for someone who can use it… I’m just not a pink person. Sorry, if I insulted anyone… However, I do have 1 pink/aqua bathroom that I would never change… It is original and I love it!

  4. Femme1 says:

    Maggie, I agree that it does look somewhat Miami Vice-ish. (I also could see this in Scarface’s bathroom.) But the Hudee ring around the sink and the faucets give this away as being of 50s/60s vintage.

    Does anyone know when Hudee rings stopped being used?

  5. lara says:

    Wow! My kitchen counter tops are the same exact pattern! And they are hideous too!!! I never thought I would see this pattern again, but here it is… So, if someone would like to come and take them… I want it gone, gone, gone!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for retro renovation, but pink kitchen countertops are never a good idea!

    1. Mid Mod Pam says:

      Lara, no “hideous’s” here! There are those of us who like! Also, I don’t think pink counters in a kitchen are bad at all – if you have pink cabinets!

  6. Maggie says:

    Are there any details here that indicate it’s definitely from the ’50s-60s? To me it looks more like that fake-deco style that was sort of “Coke-Dealer Chic” in the 1980s … sort of disco-deco. That Miami Vice look.

    I’ve seen formica bathroom cabinets built in that style in ’80s-era houses — usually with gold glitter in the formica.

  7. bepsf says:

    This is so over the top – it’s perfect!
    If I lived on the east coast, I’d borrow a truck and go get it – You just don’t find creativity and craftsmanship like that anymore

    I hope it finds its way to a good home

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