Destiny-initialed bar set – Sputnik Sandi’s entry


Sputnik Sandi’s entry in our Found Objects…Found Art contest… Sandi writes:

It all started out with a frantic phone call.  My mom and sister were at an estate sale (what else in new?!?), and it was back in the days when cell calls cost something like $2MM a minute.  All I got was an address, a “get your butt over here”, and a dial tone…

I’m sure glad I listened, because when I arrived I was greeted by the most amazing site; about 75 pieces of mid-century bar-ware, all monogrammed with an ‘SB’.  My husband and I share these initials, so destiny was certainly calling along with my mom!  If these lovely glasses could talk, I’m sure they’d have plenty of stories about after 5′ cocktails and Mah Jong games.  I’m thrilled to be able to continue the tradition, less the Mah Jong (I have yet to learn!).

– SB

  1. Swank_Swagger says:

    I know I am about 4 years late LOL recently found this site and I am looking at every thread. Is it possible to get a tutorial on the back drop? Really cool idea! And as a barware collector how great is this set!

  2. sumacsue says:

    Wow, I think Sputnik Sandi should win the photo stylist award — great staging of your entry! I never would have guessed that was nail art behind the glassware. (Hey, found nail art would be a great entry, come to think of it.) The information about the glassware, your family’s part in the acquistion, and you and your husband having the same initials, all makes for a great story. Happy imbibing!

  3. Sputnik Sandi says:

    Carla, those aren’t curtains in the background. I covered a piece of plywood with black burlap, and made my own “Sputnik String-Art” with pink and aqua thread! I had originally intended on hanging it on the wall, but it actually makes a better backdrop for 50’s treasures on top of my bookcase (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

    And Tikimama (FYI – love the name!), my mom and sister are the real treasures! I owe my mid-century insanity to them, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

    My friends typically don’t “get it” when I explain my mid-century fascination with them, but then when they see my home they love it (although I don’t think any of them could imagine living in my turquoise kitchen!). I was recently looking at some old pictures one of my friends posted on Facebook, and they had a Sputnik fixture in the background. No sooner was I about to comment, when another friend chimed in to ‘dis the amazing relic! After sending her a picture of mine (gracing the Heywood Wakefield furniture in my dining room), I quickly changed her mind!

    1. Mid Mod Pam says:

      Sputnik Sandi – I love how you quickly changed your friend’s mind by showing her how using the old fixture can work. That’s what we’re all about!

  4. Tikimama says:

    That is so cool – with your initials – unbelievable! And I want to remind you how lucky you are to have a mom and sister like that. Everyone I know thinks I’m nuts for liking this stuff!!

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