Original house plan and manuals – Susan’s entry


Susan aka Kitty Mommy’s entry in the Found Objects Found Art contest. My goodness, the previous owners really were named Mr. & Mrs. Mess; I thought you’d been kidding about that, Susan!
susans-brochuresSusan writes:

Hi Pam,

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found these cardboard tubes and manila envelope in the foyer closet of our new home!  Inside the tube marked “Original House Plan”, I found the original architect’s sketches (4 of them) for our house.  As I’ve mentioned previously, we bought the place from the original owners, Mr. & Mrs. Mess, who built the place in 1961, and whose names appear at the bottom of one of the sketches.  I had all 4 framed and I have now hung them proudly, 2 in our dining room and 2 in our living room.

Inside the “Instructions, Etc.” envelope, I found manuals for all the original appliances, etc.  I can’t believe the owners saved them all these years!  What a treasure!

-Susan, aka Kitty Mommy
Columbus, Ohio

  1. Susan, aka Kitty Mommy says:

    Luckily, with the exception of the refrigerator, all the appliances are original, down to the Nutone Food Center! Also, the ceiling lights in the bedrooms and the dining room were replaced (don’t know why). I’ve replaced the dining room light with a Moe retractable light that I love, but haven’t found suitable replacements for the bedrooms yet.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mess are still alive, in their ’90’s and living together in a nursing home. Mrs. Mess even sent us a Christmas card, even though we’ve never met (her sons actually sold the house for them). I think I will send a note, asking if she has any photos that she would be willing to share with me. If she does, I’ll be sure to forward them along!

    1. Mid Mod Pam says:

      That would be great, Susan. The Gables owned my house for 38 years. They visit and send Christmas letters, and Mary Jane Gable – the mom – has given me old black-and-white polaroids from over the years. It’s wonderful to have them, for sure.

  2. retropink57 says:

    Kitty Mommy

    You are sooo lucky to have such treasures!!!! I would give my eyeteeth to have my home’s original house plans. Is there any way you can view Mr. and Mrs. Mess’ pictures from the past to catch a glimpse on how they decorated? I would love to see pictures of all your original appliances (or were they in an earlier post and I missed it?)!


  3. Glamorlux Nancy says:

    What a neat “peek” into the history of your home! I wish our house was custom built, instead of “mass produced”… I’m sure there was more attention paid to detail. It also must be cool to see what appliances were chosen for the house when it first went up!

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