Drexel Profile upholstered furniture from 1959-1960


You can now see the entire  Drexel Profile furniture line – including five pages of upholstered furniture from 1959 and more than 20 pages of case goods from 1960 – available in our growing Furniture Favorites section. Thank to Femme1 for nabbing the additional images of the upholstered pieces from the nice folks at Drexel Heritage. And readers – keep letting me know of your favorite brands. I want to keep building the furniture history wonderland this year. Click thru here if you want a quick look at the upholstered pieces – I promise, they are delicious – absolute classics that everyone is mimicking today! Upholstered pieces from the 1959,  Drexel Profile catalog now added to the Drexel Profile history page:

  1. Robert says:

    I got a one like this at close of estate sale for 12.00. I just wanted the frame. I said I will take it for 12.00 or you will give it to Goodwill.

    I had it in the room that the tree fell in. I still have it in my garage. The arm was broke from the tree. But upon re-upholstery that can be fixed. Everyone is was like, “why isn’t that going into the dumpster??!!”

    So there it sits in my garage till someday—maybe redo it and use it.

    Mine has a bit of a lower back—same arms.

    Mine is from Sears as the tag says.


  2. Mary-Frances Main says:

    Lovely couch and this reminds me that I’m on the hunt for a 50’s sectional. I saw one on the amazing “Mad Men” and of course haven’t seen a scene with it in again.

    However, it would be perfect in our living room – with lines like the couch about. Suggestions?

  3. Jeanne says:

    Mary-Frances – shop your local Salvation Army store regularly. Sometimes you find those gems. I’ve bought occasional chairs for $10 and had them reupholstered (I actually have two Danish Moderns right now that I’m waiting to reupholster when I have extra cash). A friend of mine found a cool half-round sectional similar to the Mad Men one (if you’re talking about their living room, where they danced once) and she had hers reupholstered as well.

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