Persevere over pressure to part with your practical pedestals


Lou writes:

I hereby pledge to prevent the pulverization of period perfect pink potties and to persevere over pressure to part with my practical pedestal where my pint size prince and princess piddle…I Promise!

Please pause and peruse the SaveThePinkBathrooms.com photos and pledges, if possible. Pretty prone to perk you up promptly. Praise to poet Lou. 🙂

  1. Peggy Miniard says:

    Peg pledges to protect her pink bathroom not paying pittance to retro potty patronizing people that would have her do otherwise, so help me god!

  2. loumeigs says:

    Well, that’s exciting news, they still exist! I’ll keep my eye out there too! Thank you, thank you!!!

  3. loumeigs says:

    I am hoping to find this; (http://pages.adsbydee.com/11382/PictPage/1922751269.html at the bottom right) or one similar to, this faucet. Neighbors say that is just like the one that used to be in our house. It makes sense, that is our toilet; the obscure, Emporer, and our sink. I know it’s a tough one but living in a war/atomic age town, I’d love my fixtures to be atomic styled and it seems like ones with softer handles just don’t fit with the whole of the bathroom and house. I think I’m going crazy. I can’t help myself, those darned ads are the ruination of me! I would have settled on something else by now had I not seen that baby! HELP ME!!! I’m drowning in chrome and pink and I don’t want to get out!!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      lou, i have indeed seen this faucet before on an old sink or two. honestly, the only advice i have for your is to: start stalking your re-store….you may have to buy the sink to get it but indeed, it is a beauty!

  4. loumeigs says:


    You are hilarious! I think I opened an ugly can of worms for you!! 🙂 Say… you don’t perhaps, happen to know anywhere a person can procure old faucets for the sink in my pink palace do you?

    1. Mid Mod Pam says:

      Lou, a fix it post is scheduled for Thursday. Meanwhile – if you are looking for something “off the shelf” see all the recommendations on the Fast & Easy Bathroom page. There are 4″ and 8″ reco’s there.

        1. pam kueber says:

          That’s from an old way back design. Now: Check my Bathroom category — including all the sub categories. Good luck.

  5. Patti says:

    I preserved a Mamie pink bathroom in Ike’s home state of Kansas. It’s fabulous- pink & grey. I need help for the other bath– mint green pottie, sink, tub, seafoam 4 x 4 wall tiles, and green/white speckled 1 x 2’s on the floor. Help!

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