Ruth’s blue Geneva kitchen… peach and pink bathrooms… and more


Ruth’s Geneva kitchen, pink bathroom, peach bathroom, Tennessee granite fireplace — everything in her 1957 Michigan home — are just fantastic. I thought that I had more Geneva metal cabinets in one place than anyone, but Ruth sets a new record. And look at it: A curvacious island… marble counter topped baking area … original range exhaust fan … and more. Ruth did replace the kitchen floor – so you also can ogle her design and see if it might be right for you. I think it’s terrific – the scale is just right and the soft gray and blue have just the right ‘coolness’ to go with the lovely light blue Geneva cabinets.

Read on for Ruth’s story…16 photos…and a link to more on her flickr stream…And when you’re done be sure to check out her new blog: No Pattern Required.

Ruth writes:

Hi Pam!

I love your blog and it has been an unending source of information for us since we have purchased our new home. At the time we bought our 1950’s brick ranch, we didn’t know anything about mid-century modern, but we knew we loved the way it looked. Thanks for helping us to restore our house to the style it was meant to be.

The house was built in 1956-57 and was designed by the homeowners. They owned if for their whole lives, and we purchased it from their daughter.

The cabinet colors are original, and totally awesome. I almost lost it when we walked into the kitchen for the first time. It was really well thought out and is so wonderful, the amount of storage space is just amazing. My favorite cabinets are the round ones in the front of the island, they are so perfect for holding big equipment that takes up counter space and big serving pieces. And to the right of the island is a whole extra bank of cabinets that serves as a pantry with extra countertop work space. In front of the long window and next to the oven is a low marble slab that matches the marble windowsills. Underneath the slab is 9 drawers, including drawers for flour and sugar, and a built in breadbox.

I wish I could think of more things to tell you, but if I did everything would end with an exclamation point. We love it! It’s fantastic! Cooking is a breeze! Etc, etc. 🙂

{I ask about the new kitchen floor and Ruth explains:] We are using Armstrong Imperial Texture Standard Excelon in Blue Cloud and Soft Cool Gray.

The living room might be awhile, we have to put up our gold atomic wallpaper and figure out how to make pinch pleat drapes out of our existing drapes!

Oooh, you know that “gold atomic wallpaper” is going to keep my attention on your house, Ruth! In addition to the images above, Ruth has posted more photos on her flickr photostream. Many thanks for sharing, Ruth!

  1. Eric Gregory says:


    My wife and I just bought a home on Keuka Lake (One of the finger lakes in NY). Neo Bauhaus (and so inexpensive you cant believe it!) To our suprise it has a complete Geneva Kitchen. Mint condition.Teracota red? Just moved from Arizona so thats whatt I would call it. We are looking to expand it and create an island al la those great curvatious Geneva end peices on that island in the picture which linked me here. I can work with square as well, but those curved beauties absolutley rock .

    Any Ideas?

    I would love to hear from you!



    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Eric, you are in the right place. Check our Forum, epicenter of the entire Milky Way Galaxy for buying and selling vintage steel kitchen cabinets: https://retrorenovation.com/forum. You must register and get used to the forum, but it’s free and loads of addictive fun. Welcome.

  2. Mary Ann Williams says:

    I too have the blue kitchen with the push button stove. But the someone replace the stove top. Have the original oven!. Lived in 3 Homes and all had Geneva Kitchens WOW. (Webster Groves, MO)

  3. Jan says:

    About making pinch-pleat drapes – my mom and both my grandmothers’ drapes were essentially a huge square/rectangle of fabric with a special pleating tape sewn across the top. (I remember putting the three- or four-prong curtain hooks back in my grandmother’s drapes after spring cleaning). That would seem like an easy way to make them, unless they don’t make that tape any more?

  4. atomicgrrl says:

    Oh my giddy Aunt!! I pride myself on being comfortable,happy and content with what I have but those feelings just went right out the window! How amazing. I can’t believe the condition of the tile in the bathrooms, the cabinets and, well EVERYTHING! Hard rock maple built in storage areas….girl you are living the dream. Enjoy!

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