“Cooking Up a Retro Revival” in Eugene and Portland, Oregon


The Lane County Home Show in Eugene, Oregon, was a terrific experience. Despite being jet-lagged and overdosed on a particularly luscious brownie sundae (my Saturday night excitement), it was absolutely exhilarating to talk about midcentury modest homes…the audiences at my talks were fantastic and clearly so considerate of doing nice things with their homes…and the staff of the show – Karen (center), Emily (left), Bijan (right), along with Helen, Jaye – everyone – made me feel so at home, and were topnotch professionals who ran a great show.


On Monday, I returned to Portland where I spent the day touring Rejuvenation (including Satellite Modern)’s factory and store. That’s Tim Wetzel, Industrial Designer – and a Retro Renovation regular (left), along with Bo Sullivan, Historian, who led me and Portland reader Elvis aka Jane on a TERRIFIC tour. Oh yes — I was joined by Elvis aka Jane! That evening I met with members of the Portland MidCentury Modern League for dinner and a talk at Country Bill’s restaurant on Woodstock. A wicked fun day all around!


I’ll have lots of coverage over the next several days about my visit to Eugene and Portland.

To start, here is a link to the Eugene Register-Guard story about my talks: “Cooking Up a Retro Revival.”

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  1. Steve says:

    It was super fun to meet you Pam! We all enjoyed your slides, your infectious pro-cool-old-stuff attitude and the mile-a minute mid-century themed chit-chat! (wow… that’s a lotta hyphens!)
    Come back soon.
    -Steve, Haley, DD & Max

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Steve – and Haley, DD & Max – I am a very bad person because I have not yet sent you an official THANK YOU! It’s coming, I promise. I am SUCH a bad traveler — a homebody (no surprise) — so honestly, it’s taking me this long to settle back into my routines.

      It was SO MUCH FUN to meet with the Mid Century Modern Portland League. Oh my gosh, you are all such kindred souls, it is amazing!!!!

      Readers: If you don’t have one already, consider following these groovy Portlanders’ example and set up your own Mid Century League! You will meet great people.

  2. IJustWasntMade4TheseTimes says:

    Just wanted to say I was thrilled to get to go to your talk on Sunday at the Home Show. It was quite enjoyable, and I loved all the slides. I am mad at myself that I didn’t go on Saturday so I could have done the two different ones, but as you said, we got the best of both!

  3. atomicbowler says:

    Oh, dear…
    While you were at Country Bills’s having an awesome atomic time, I was at Jungle Playland having a Nerf-gun war with a gaggle of cake and icecream turbocharged 10 year-olds. And one wickedly fast and brutal cake and icecream turbocharged 44 year-old woman who is small and very quick.
    I coulda been rubbing elbows with the big guns…instead I got nerf darts in my ears and even up my nose.
    Life is so unfair.
    Sorry we missed you,
    Dave the human dartboard

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