47 colors of bathroom tile from B&W Tile

Kate used this tile to create her new pink bathroom. See her complete series of stories.

Palm Springs Stephan is a wealth of info, and provides this info on a Southern California company still producing the 50s pink tile so common during this era. Don’t use any other pinks – they are not right! I am so excited at this find – a big one for the retro renovation community.

bwg.jpgThe source: B&W Tile, with 3 locations and online, bwtile.com. See the warehouse photo to the left – they sure look like they’ve been in this Gardena location since the 50s. Reassuring!

Stephen adds: “B& W Tile makes this tile and keeps it in stock at all times in every size imaginable, from 1″ hex tile to 6×6 inch glazed and unglazed wall and floor tiles. I talked to their Riverside location just this afternoon, and the 4.25 by 4.25 glazed wall tile in 1950s pink (their inventory number 70W) is just $3.88 per square foot….I should be able to do the walls in my new bath just like the ones in that photo.”

Thank you thank you, Stephan! Original color – vast selection – great price. And, they produce the 1950s style wall-mounted & recessed china toilet paper, soap, and toothbrush holders (see toilet holder in top photo) also from original molds. Or you can use shiny stainless from Franklin Brass.

Spread the word and prepare the mastic.

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  1. Maggie Mack says:

    I’m in a 1965 Rental Property with turquoise bath fixtures (tub toilet & sink) I’m allowed to paint, but not sure just what to do with my walls to keep the retro feel, because I love it, and still spruce the space up with something more than white. Any Ideas?

  2. Amy says:

    Any idea what the maroon border tile is called (number, color, etc)? Someone partially “re did” our pink and maroon bathroom that looks much like the one in this picture, and I need to replace some of the maroon tiles that they removed so that we can take out the 70s style medicine cabinet they put in. Any help would be appreciated…thank you!

    1. Kate says:

      Amy, I believe it is 78W Maroon. Try calling B&W and asking for a sample so you can see if it matches your bathroom. Good luck!

    2. pam kueber says:

      Amy, if the maroon from B&W is not a good match, you could also see if World of Tile can match the bullnose for you…

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