For mis-matched windows: How about cafe curtains with a valence?

vintage-cafe-curtainsDo you have a dining area with one window smaller than the other? Perhaps this solution — from a 1959 Consolidated Trimming Company’s “1,001 tips” booklet — will help. And if you’re looking for good solid cafe rods, the line available from Rejuvenation look pretty nice.

Read on for a close-up of the booklet’s explanation…





  1. Cheryl Jung says:

    The houses I grew up in always had little curtains covering the backdoor windows, but instead of tiny curtain rods they (as I remember) had little stretchy springy “rods.” I can’t find them anywhere; I must not be searching for the correct term. Any advice would be welcome!

  2. Kristin says:

    My kitchen window over the sink is small compared to the other windows (back door at end of galley kitchen and the two windows in the dinette extension) so I used a cafe curtain as a full curtain on the shorter window…now I want a matching one with a valance for the back door! But Urban Outfitters hasn’t ever restocked them…I don’t think they sold well.

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