SUMMERTIME IS ON ITS WAY — and research from AAA says that in this economy, we’ll be taking a lot of road trips.  Although…maybe not in our vintage 1941 Cessna Family Car of the Air (see post below). Over the past year we’ve spotlighted some cool places to visit:

Got more? Share them via a Comment and starting tomorrow I’ll start featuring Retro Roadtrip destinations based on your input.

  1. Sooz says:

    Thanks Elaine, I’m glad to get some feedback before our trip. I found a great site called Roadside attractions that you can search by state and decide what it is you want to see. It’s great and I’ve bookmarked a heap of stuff to see on the way in each state we pass through.

    I’ve done a small part of Route 66 in 2007 and I absolutely loved Tucumkeri, it looked like time stood still.

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