Vote for our Readers in the Rejuvenation contest


Three industrious readers reported back that they’ve entered Rejuvenation’s “Make Your Home Your Own” contest — with its $1,000 lighting prize.   SO: Let’s flex our Retro Renovation muscle — vote for Gretchen, Ashli or Morgan. I think you can vote only once, though, as your email is required then they block you.


To vote for Gretchen’s entry (built-in bookcase etc. above) — click here.


To vote for Ashli aka At The Lounge with Les Baxter’s entry (kitchen photo above) — click here.


To vote for Morgan’s entry (living room photo above) — click here.

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh they are both beautiful. Good luck to both of you!
    PS to Gretchen, I am trying to design a wall unit, too, and am very impressed by yours!

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