retro raleigh bicycleRETRO BAUBLES AND BLING continue today with: Wheels. I have a three-speed Raleigh cruiser pretty similar to this. I am so overwhelmed by technology today (*everything* is a computer now), that this simple, single-speed Retro Glide 1 looks like heaven to me.  I spent my Wonder Bread years, 0-12 living in Southern California (Carlsbad/Vista) and my #1 memory of the period was riding a bike. I rode everywhere. Every day. Every waking moment I wasn’t in school. I was free as a bird. I had a glitter-purple Schwinn with the long glitter-vinyl banana seat. Streamers on the handle bars. Playing cards on the spokes, on occasion. Those are unbelievably good memories. Check out Raleigh’s 6 2009 retro style cruisers here.

  1. sumac sue says:

    Hey, don’t forget the great tricycles we all had before we graduated to our bikes. My sister and I had red trikes, and one day she left hers behind the family Pontiac Star Chief out on the carport. Mom backed over it and the trike had a distinctive rattle afterwards, but still worked. Those tricycles were built to withstand a lot of use and abuse. So were our bicycles. We wrecked a lot and always had skinned-up knees.

  2. Catz says:

    I had a purple bike too! It had five speeds, sissy bars and a flowered banana seat, along with a basket with flowers. I think we got it from the Sears catalog around 1971. I still look to see if I can find one like that – I can picture my vintage dolls sitting on it, waiting to do wheelies in the living room!

  3. Miss Jess says:

    I’ve had my eye on an Electra cruiser or Schwinn cruiser for a while now too… I love ’em. Give me whitewall tires, plenty of chrome, and I’m happy.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks for the tips, Miss Jess. I’ll go look these up, too — then we will have bikes, and shoes, covered! Oops, though, I think I have yet to do: saddle shoes. Who makes those best? You seem to know all in this area! 🙂

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