1952-willett-furnitureI‘M FASCINATED by the midcentury midwest furniture companies. I have this suspicion they were more interested in quality than transient styling. Willett was based in Indiana, and they made some really nice stuff. With real wood. My guy Royal Barry Wills also designed a line of furniture for them…. This Willett ad is from 1952…the 40s period was coming to an end…recall, 1953 started The Fifties. Can’t you just imagine how proud a family was when they bought this furniture? The sofa — it’s such a classic. And it was not cheap: $495. That’s $4,014 today!

  1. J. Earl Strawder says:

    I saw a Willett Transitional set with a table, 4 chairs and 2 leaves. The table measured about 42 inches in diameter. The set is in excellent condition. I took pictures and can email or text them to you. The set is in Mississippi.

  2. Karl Darr says:

    Yes! I am in Memphis for a few day and would love to look and maybe purchase. If you can send pics and phone number would be very appreciated!
    Karl Darr

  3. J. Earl Strawder says:

    I text some pictures to you on the Willett Transitional set I saw. I don’t know if that is the set you are looking for.

  4. J. Earl Strawder says:

    Were you able to inquire about the Willett Transitional table in Ridgeland, Mississippi? I believe I stated that the chairs are Trans East and the table is Transitional.

  5. Peggy Davis says:

    I have a Willett drop leaf Maple table with 6 ladder back paper weave chairs, plus a hutch (that’s what I call it – shelves with 3 drawers and double doors below). They have been in my husbands family for more than 30 years but I don’t know the history prior to that. Any market for Maple?

  6. stacey says:

    I have a Willett Golden Beryl drop leaf dining table with 3 leafs. It was my mothers and I am about to refinish it as it has been abused. I am curious of the value before I do the strippiing. I do not have the chairs.

  7. Kris says:

    I have a cherry Willett dining table and chairs. The surface of the table has been damaged with scratches and heat. What can I do to repair this? Also the chair seats have lost their springiness even thought the springs are still there.

  8. Emily says:

    I anyone is interested in discussing their Willett collection in more detail, I set up a Facebook group devoted to Willett: Willett Furniture Company (aka Consider H. Willett Inc.) furniture. Feel free to share photos of your collection, ask questions about specific pieces or collections, share before and after shots of restorations, and post items for sale. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3195438227205317

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