Retro bling: Eyeglasses from Shuron

I AM OF A CERTAIN AGE, so I need reading glasses. A couple of years ago, I had some money left over from a flex spending account so instead of using $10 reading glasses, I purchased “real” frames with glass lenses. What a difference. I’m now in the market for a new pair or two, so I went trowling for what I could find with retro style. In virtually no time at all I found these Shuron frames available. This “Nusir Royale” design sounds like it’s been around for decades…it is available in a number of colors… I love the decoration… the company has been around nearly 150 years… the glasses are made in the U.S.A…. and I can order the whole eyeglass package from them online start-to-finish – further enabling my quest to never ever have to leave my computer cave again. Stay tuned, I am going to order a pair for sure and will let you know how it turns out.  There are numerous other styles available, too, click here for the link.

  1. opkis says:

    I just started wearing Shuron Ronsir frames about a month ago (the classic “G-Man” stye). I love them! The woman at the optical shop was amazed; she hadn’t seen a pair in about 20 years. They look great, and are extremely well-made. I got mine from optometristsattic.com, and even splurged on the clip-on shades which are still available; I’m beginning to look like a NASA engineer.

    Searching for “Shuron” will certainly bring up vendors (Shuron doesn’t seem to sell directly to the public). You can also search for “browline” or “brow-line” to find other manufacturers that offer similar styles. Note that as of six weeks ago, Art-craft had discontinued their version and was down to only a few temples left in stock.

    I went new rather than vintage since Shuron has greatly improved the nosepad material and method of attachment (screws rather than the bent tabs that used to be the norm), so replacements are easier to come by and install. Good luck!

  2. Joe says:

    My current frames are old used stock I bought from an antiques dealer in philly. They’re very “50’s military stock” looking: just heavy basic black frames. They fit just fine, although I don’t wear them often.

  3. Nina462 says:

    Thanks! As I’ve been needing a new pair of glasses this year too! My mom wore those Nulady glasses in her senior picture. I still have her frames but they are very fragile (over 50 years old). So I’ll just have to get my own pair! Thanks again-

  4. Palm Springs Stephan says:

    I have two pair of sunglasses that were made with NOS frames. One pair are Shuron 14k gold wire frames with tortoise shell brows and arms. The other are American Standard Optical brushed aluminum frames. I bought both frames on eBay, and both came with the original case. I took both to a discount optometrist to have modern polarized lenses put in them. Total cost for both sets together was well under $200.

    Do an eBay search using the keywords “vintage” and “eyeglasses.”

    As for fit, Pam … just drop by any local eyeglass store (PearlVision or whoever) and ask to be measured for size. They will do it for free. And many sellers on eBay do list the size for the frames they are selling. So it’s just a matter of knowing your size and looking for it. And I see several really great cat-eye frames that will end today that have no bids posted yet and could be snapped up for under $10!

  5. MrsErinD says:

    Yes, I was going to say allyn scura too! ( hee I had to google it to remember the spelling too!) I almost bought vintage unused old stock from them, they have much more realistic prices ( well under 100 buck for frames on many, unlike some sites that want 150 or more, ridiculous! ) but then I saw a great pair of unused old stock cat eyes on ebay for 31 bucks and bought them. But I would love to get a pair in black too ( I have light brown) so I may end up getting another pair sometime from them.

    When I went to get my glasses done, after the exam I went to the frame lady and she of course wanted to show me frames, and I said no thanks, I have a pair I want to have made into my rx, and gave them to her, now mind you, they are from the 1950’s, but unused old stock, and when I got them they were still in the plastic package unopened, and they were a little crooked, needed formed back into shape, and she went on and on how the old plastic will break, and I was taking a chance with my money if they put the lenses in and the frames broke while they were getting them back into shape It was my problem, etc. So when she was away for a sec I asked Hubby what he thought, and he said, relax, she is just pissed we aren’t buying new 150 dollar frames from her, lol, so I said go ahead I am going to take the chance. Anyhow they came out fine, they got them back into shape just fine, the guy who did it wasn’t worried about it, and they look great and I just love them!

    I was so happy to find the old stock, I looked and looked and just couldn’t imagine wearing the new glasses out there, they just weren’t me. So thanks for the tip Pam, it’s good to know there are some out there that have style! :O)

    Whew! what a book I wrote! LOL!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks MrsErinD and Joe…I love the idea of vintage stock as well. Personally, I am concerned that glasses I order from NOS would not fit me. That’s what keeps me from going that route. Now, if I was able to try them on…as Joe suggests he can do at Viva Las Vegas, then I would love it. So for now, I think it’s made-to-order Shurons for me….

  6. Joe says:

    Also check out Arlyn Scurra. I think I butched the name but a Google search could get you to their site. They have a booth at Viva Las Vegas every year and we’ve bought some NOS frames over the years from them.

  7. Jeanne says:

    I am in the market for a new pair of glasses, as it’s been about 3-4 years since my current pair. I get the transitional bifocals. I was just checking out Costco Friday to see if they had any retro looking glasses! Then I see this post! Are these available through any optical? Anyone know?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Jeanne, check out their website. They say they can facilitate a purchase through any optician as well. I actually may go that route….Pam

  8. Susan, aka Kitty Mommy says:

    I have been wearing Shuron frames for over 20 years now! I currently own 4 pairs of glasses with Shuron frames. My favorites now are Nulady and Nulady Deluxe. I was destined to have a midcentury home, no?

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