Reader Tara is also a filmmaker for etsy. She produced this video — “There’s No Place Like Home: A Retro Renovation at Luxton Lake with Tina Spangler” — and says that indeed, the title of this latest video in their continuing series was inspired by our blog. The video is a very happy piece – great for this Saturday summer morning. Take a look at the linoleum rug – fabulous. You can also read more about the film here. Thanks, Tara!

  1. sumac sue says:

    Thanks for this video. The history of the house is so interesting, and it’s wonderful that the house is so well loved and cared for.

  2. Northside CJ says:

    Great video. I’m drooling over the Fire King collection. The addition of the front porch really made that house look great!

  3. Maria Stahl says:

    People are constantly breaking up those linoleum carpets to get them out the door and then dumping them in the trash around here. :o( I’m the only one who seems to appreciate them. Or I was. I have indocrinated a few friends on their beauty, and now they at least claim to appreciate them while I’m in the room.

    Linoleum, should anyone care to read about it, is a natural alternative to vinyl floor covering and is making a comeback. It’s just jute backing, a mixture of linseed oils and sawdust, and then pigments. It biodegrades in landfills and does not emit all the nasties that PVC does, both in your house and eventually in the landfill. It’s durable and easy to clean. Hurray for lino!

  4. MrsErinD says:

    Such a pretty home I love it! Lots of charm and coziness.

    I swear I have that same or else similar hibiscus barkcloth from the 40’s that she has hanging in her doorway between the living room and kitchen, I made valances and pillows from it and I am going to use it in the bedroom, if I ever get it done someday, lol.

  5. sablemable says:

    What a gorgeous home!

    There was a linoleum rug in one of the homes I grew up in (bedroom) and I remember mopping it every Saturday when I did my chores.

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