THIS PINK AND GRAY MASTER BATHROOM is just lovely. Pink and gray is a great color combination…and look at that wonderful floor tile, it’s delicious. Moreover, this bathroom is put together in genius fashion, with its subtle mix of patterns. Look closely: 

  • (1) pinwheel unglazed porcelain ceramic tile floor…
  • (2) squares in 4×4 light grey field tile…
  • (3) horizontal “stripe” of dark gray bullnose tile…
  • (4) vertical stripes of light and gray window treatment…
  • (5) soft round graphic lines of the print, which de-dominates the mirror, also appears to have all the bathroom  colors in it and is smiling down on the whole scene, to boot.
  • Then add:  tall pink candle, plush gray towels, pretty sink and toilet (yes! pretty!), crystal bowl — and twisty cylinders of green bamboo (?)…

Well, Colvin: This is really quite a little decorative masterpiece! Well done! Many thanks for sharing it with us today.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Lovely!!!! I think we have the same toilet. (I have not been able to find a new Church toilet seat in the same color – have you?)
    The floor looks dreamy…………..

  2. pam kueber says:

    I see the vintage Church toilet seats at estate sales. I always leave my card with the person running the sale, telling them, ask the owner if I can buy the toilet seat(s). No responses so far. I am certifiably nuts, don’t you think?

  3. Kristin says:

    I have this VERY SAME ceramic tile and pattern–I WANT PINK FIXTURES! Our floor porcelain tile is the same pattern, but white with black grout.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love the pink and grey combo!!!! In fact that’s the color scheme of my blog. There’s also a grocery store in Houston called Belden’s in the Meyerland area and the whole store is done in shades of pink and grey, I love it there!!!

  5. Mariah says:

    Beautiful bathroom! I just acquired pink bathroom fixtures for my 1963 Levitt and Sons Cape Cod from a neighbor who had ripped them out of her house to re-do her bathrooms. I had been searching for the right wall and floor tile combination since the bathroom is the main one for the house and I did not want it to be too ‘girlie’. This pic is a good renovation inspiration, many thanks!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Welcome, Mariah, and congratulations. You know, the other good thing about this combo is that gray tile is very accessible. It’s made by all the major manufacturers. Be sure to see my Fast & Easy Bathrooms page for a one-stop summary of all the bathroom resources that we’ve found over the past two years:

  6. midmodms says:

    The twisty green stuff is known as “Lucky Bamboo”, and looks a lot like bamboo but is actually a reed. You grow it in water. The twist is not natural but formed that way while it’s growing. You can get it without the twist, also. (I saw the question mark so thought you might like to know).

  7. Missouri Michael says:

    I really like the combination of pink and gray! I also like to combination of light blue and gray – so since I am redoing my bathroom at the moment, I have chosen pink (toilet and tub), gray (wainscot) and light blue (walls above wainscot). Was talking to my neighbor tonight about my bathroom re-do and found out that when they moved in to their house about 4 years ago their bathroom had, in their words, “awful bright pink fixtures with black tile” – they had it all ripped out and modernized…I just about had a heart attack when I heard this! The pink and black must have looked great! Wish I could have saved those fixtures, but that was a year before I moved here…

    1. pam kueber says:

      so, missouri michael, did you grit your teeth into a smile and say ‘oh i’m sure your new bathroom is wonderful’ to the neighbors?

  8. Missouri Michael says:

    I think I said something like “sounds like you did a lot of work to the house when you bought it to make it so nice.” Lying through my teeth the whole time! LOL!

  9. colvin says:

    Thanks again Pam I have been reading the comments. I did not realize that the toilet seat was called a church toilet seat.
    The fixtures are all original to the house. Our hall bath is done in green on green.

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