pink-bathroom-folding-shower-doors-metallic--wallpaperMARY DELUXE of Welcome to DeluxeVille get the weekend super retro recon award for the photos of the wonderful time capsule open house. Dig this deep pink — salmon? coral? — bathroom with its original folding tub enclosure shower door and octagon-and-dot floor tile. And, oh my, yes, we LOVE the metallic wallpaper. Repeat after me: Yes, we do! Click over to Mary’s blog, and you’ll see that the vintage wallpaper — very 60s — covers the ceiling, too. And, there’s more on her blog, including another bathroom and vintage steel cabinets that have been stripped down to the metal for a stainless steel finish, something that we have not discussed or seen yet. Thank you, MaryDeluxe, for sharing, and for RetroRoadmap for sending the link to me on Twitter. Oh my, we are so socially networked.

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