Colvin’s pink unglazed porcelain ceramic bathroom floor tiles

pink pinwheel mosaic bathroom floorVintage pink unglazed porcelain ceramic bathroom floor tiles – pinwheel pattern. Could there be anything more luscious to find in a mid-century home?

pink-bathroom-floor-tile-pinwheel-mosaicUpon request, Colvin has sent in a close up of the floors in his pink and gray vintage bathroom. It really is so lovely – notice the slight shading of the dot within the pink 1×2’s. Ahhhhhh. Thank you, Raymond!

  1. Julia Alder says:

    oh so cool… Where can I find replacement tiles like these?

    I have all rose pink pinwheel pattern in my 1952 bathroom and need to replace about 6 pinwheel patterns to fix our damaged floor.


  2. Angela Isaac says:

    I have the exact same, unglazed tile in our pink bathroom. I fear it has been waxed over the years because no matter how much I scrub it just looks DINGY! What is the best way to care for this tile? Should I try a wax stripper on it??

  3. Sarah says:

    does anyone know where I can get this replacement tile? I need about 6 sq. feet to finish a bathroom floor (repair) any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

  4. ron pike says:

    I’m looking for vintage tile from the 20’s. I have a broken soap dish I am trying to replace with anything that will match the color and size. 4X4. I have been searching google for hours. There was a vintage bathroom place that aleays came up close to the top of the list and now it seems to be gone. Anyone know what it could be. I can’t remember the name. I’d send you a picture of my cool bathroom but I don’t see how to attach a pic.

  5. Deb Beddow says:

    I have the same thing in my bathroom, but some are missing. Do you know where I can find some of these in both colors?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Deb – check the navigation on the site for all the resources that we have identified.

  6. Lee B. says:

    Nice! I have the same pattern in both bathrooms… green in one and blue in the other. Same shading, too… even in the gray 1×2’s

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