Vinyl sheet flooring with a mosaic tile look: Earthscapes Rivulet

Marsha took inspiration from the blog and found this vinyl sheet flooring, which nicely mimics mosaic floor tiles, for her 60s bathroom. It looks great. She writes:

We needed a new floor in our 60’s bathroom. The old was vinyl, unfortunately not that lovely ceramic tile that is on some. I researched on your website and found a vinyl to go down that looks super- Rivulet by Earthscapes. We have the boomerang countertop on our vanity- all original. We just got a new toilet seat- made by Magnolia- got it at Tru Value store.  Not a PERFECT match, but good enough. Good price. So excited to find this site! Got the gray blue tiles shining and trying to find some wall decor from 50’s-60’s. I have 3 poodles, so they fit right in.


Thanks, Marsha. I tried to find the “original source” for Earthscapes. It appears to be made by a company named IVC, and I could not find their website. That said, the flooring does seem to be commonly available. It popped right up on the Carpet One site, for example, where it was available in two colorways and priced *on sale* at $2.78/s.f. The 1/2″ mosaic design certainly seems to mimic vintage tile well – and the cost, ease of installation, and ease of cleaning cannot be beat. From my experience, the key thing about non-tile flooring in the bathroom is to keep standing water off of it. Like when puddles or pools form right outside the tub/shower – get the water up asap, or it will eventually seep underneath and rot the subfloor.

  1. Bob Wyatt says:

    I’m looking for a vinyl solid sheet product that mimics the old black & white hex pattern for bathroom floor.

    Do you have it or know where I can get it?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Bob, I have not seen this but I haven’t done a comprehensive search either. Suggestions: (1) Take a look at my Flooring page. And, (2) I think the first place that I would look is at Tarkett.

      1. Bobbie says:

        This is an old post, so I hope this reply gets seen. I have heard of such a product available at Linoleum City in LA

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