paris poodle wallpaper collage

I found these poodle wallpapers at American Blinds Wallpaper & More and the Wallpaper Connection. Update 2018: Alas, these collections seem to have been discontinued. I’ll look for more… I guess if you have a pink bathroom…and put up this wallpaper…then you might as well get a poodle…and name her Fifi.

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  1. Zane Barlow says:

    Has anyone seen the poodle wallpaper with the poodles at the salon, with the old style hairdryers…. pink and gray paper… my grandmother had it in her bathroom and I’d like to find some for our bathroom perhaps…

  2. Linda Blackmore says:

    Our local Junior League thrift store has that wallpaper in their bathroom. My granddaughter is on an eiffel tower kick, so I photographed it for her when I made use of the facilities. It is really cute.
    I have several rolls of flamingo paper that is similiar–very small flamingos and not much else. I’m going to try to coerce my husband to put some of it in my bathroom, but I think I’ll have several rolls left. Maybe someone is looking for some? I’m not trying to sell, just wondering if anybody is searching.

  3. Deb Vargo says:

    Searching! Searching! Let me know. Don’t need much. Am not in a hurry. Good luck with the husband. Deb

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