It is actually quite amazing to see the diversity of pink bathrooms. Case in point today: Christine’s pink bathroom — which features light pink on the wall tile, carnation pink for the bullnose and tub/shower surround, and look close (after the jump), the field tile has little salt ‘n pepper flecks. I love those. The granny smith apple green paint that Christine chose to set off her pink is wonderful. Why — this bathroom is so Lilly Pulitzer (Fall ’09 dress, left) — so TODAY. One more thing happy thing, her comment: “When we first looked at the house I told my husband that we’d only have to live with it for a couple years. Well, after finding your websites and hearing stories of other who love their pink bathrooms, I’ve come to love it.”


Christine writes:


Last fall, actually 4 o’clock the day before Thanksgiving, my husband and I bought our first home, a 1925 bungalow-style house in Worcester, Mass. Well, the people who owned this house in the 1950s did a major renovation… turning it into a true 1950s style home.


The room that still has most of its 50’s charm is the pink bathroom. When we first looked at the house I told my husband that we’d only have to live with it for a couple years. Well, after finding your websites and hearing stories of other who love their pink bathrooms, I’ve come to love it.


The bathroom has all of the 50s features, minus a cheap faucet that we will replace at some point. As you can see in the pictures, there is no wallpaper on the walls. There was a really large, floral pattern that looked like it was out of the Golden Girls house! So I peeled it and painted the walls green, since I absolutely love pink and green anything!


I made the shower curtain and window curtains from a tablecloth from William Sonoma, and used a pink bath rug over the linoleum sheet flooring (which will need to be replaced, as it’s starting to come up in some corners.)


Even though I’d love a 1920s style bathroom in my 1920s home, I love my pink bathroom even more!



Christine, your use of a tablecloth – very ingenious. Your color balance – terrific. The bathroom – delightful. Thank you so much for sharing!

One thing I will say, though, is that while I think the pink tile is from the postwar era — I think that your sink, tub, toilet and mirror could well be original.


Your style of sink was very common earlier in the century. It is classic Deco, and it is still made (in porcelain) – I featured it here.

One of my very favorites - great deco style

I also love this 4″ lavatory faucet for you (in chrome). I recently learned that the faucet is made by Sign of the Crab – the full catalog can be found here – if you decide what you want, you can shop for the best value.

So, Christine, I think you may well have your 1925 bathroom – married to 1950s tile.

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  1. Isaac says:

    As a fellow pink bathroom owner, I think your pink bathroom IS the original. My apartment building was built in the late 20s and all the bathrooms are pink or yellow

  2. Kristy says:

    I like your bathroom! It looks exactly like mine that I want to update. What is the green color you used on the walls?

  3. sami schindelheim says:

    My 1939 Tudor has an original bathroom in pink orchid and navy blue. I actually love it but it needs a new sink,and now I realize the floor has many cracks and also needs to be replaced.I’ve been looking at salvage sinks in navy or pink orchid but they are thousands of dollars.Do Kohler or American Standard make new sinks in Navy(or dark midnight blue?)

    1. pam kueber says:

      sami, we have lots of research on this topic. Dig into our categories, in this case Bathrooms / Sinks

      good luck

  4. Genjenn says:

    This is one of my favorite pink bathrooms so far. The tile combo (esp the speckled pink) is amazing and I love the green touches you added. The toile curtains you made (shower and window) are PERFECT.
    Thanks for sharing!.

  5. sumac sue says:

    That shade of green seems just right with the pink. My sister has a 20s bungalow, and the main bathroom has a pedestal sink similar to that one, and the medicine cabinet is arched like that one, but without the lights. So, I agree with Pam, your fixtures could be originals.

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