calico-corners-custom-beddingCan’t you just imagine Betty Draper poised, forlorn, on the edge of this elegant bedspread. My hunt for authentic mid-century style bedspreads continues, and I love this design from Calico Corners. It is spot-on in its tailoring and the quilting of the fabric — this is classic, timeless. They make it for you:  You go to the store…choose a fabric…decide whether you want quilting of the fabric (yes!)…choose welting (that fabric-covered piping that runs all along the edge) to match or contrast…they can even scallop the hem… give them your measurements and your credit card…and they make it for you. If you have this kind of dough re mi, get pinch pleat curtains in the same fabric, please. 

bedsprd_fit_mat_edgeGulp. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be pricey. But I will say: A bedspread is the kind of thing you live with a long time. I’ve had mine for 7 years already, and I still love it.

Here’s what Calico Corners says about this design:

Bedspread-Fitted at Mattress Edge

Made to the exact measurement of your bed, bedspreads can be tailored or fancy, casual or formal, quilted or unquilted. Calico Corners can create this product for you in your choice of fabrics and trims, to your exact specifications. Visit one of our 100+ stores for more information. Suitable fabrics: Light to medium weight fabrics for quilted style. Heavier weight fabrics may be suitable for unquilted styles.

  • Bedspreads are floor length and are not reversible.

  • Measure fully dressed bed with maximum number of sheets and blankets to ensure a proper fit.

  • This style is perfect for beds with footboards or posts, or smaller rooms.

  • Welt or decorative cord is in alignment with the mattress edge.

  • Lined with poly/cotton lining.

  • For scalloped hems, short point is 3″ shorter than the length of the drop.

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  1. nina462 says:

    My bedroom linen set is a navy blue velvet from Steinmart. It came in wine & sage green also. I bought it a few years ago…but it’s very retro & lush. Bedskirt & 2 pillows included. It’s a quilted velvet. (My cat loves it too).

  2. Anita says:

    Making your own beadspread this style is not hard for even pretty basic sewing skill levels, even with the welting (not the quilting – don’t try that on your home machine). The hardest part is finding a space in the house to lay the fabric out flat so you can get it cut, there are generally several feline assistants that materialize and assume the position of ensuring that the fabric does not escape the forces of gravity. Anyway, I made one very similar to this for our 1940s guest room, and another for our Indiana Jones guest room. I too prefer the look over today’s dust ruffle style.

  3. dolores says:

    I love, love Calico Corners! Although their fabric prices can be pretty expensive, you can always find beautiful material in their sale bins.

  4. MrsErinD says:

    We have an awesome although a little beat up, bedspread we are using now from my Grandparents from late 50s I think, it’s in that box style and quilted with welting in light blue, it’s so cool, but our stupid mattress and bed is so high that it is several inches off the floor, I hope we can remedy that sometime because I love bedspreads and don’t like dust ruffles, I like a bedspread pulled up over the pillow too, you know hotel style, that’s how they used to do it, with maybe a cute round accent pillow, not the pillow shams and tons of pillows we do today, I like the old look better.

    That is awesome Pam for anyone who has the moola to do it, especially with matching pinch pleats!! :O)

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