Where to buy chrome soap dishes, crystal and plastic lucite trays

hallmack-towel-ringBob wrote yesterday to ask for a “No. 622 Soap Holder with Crystal Tray…Over the years the Crystal Tray got broken and the plating in the soap dish is pitted and in bad shape….” This question comes up a lot. Here are some ideas.

    1. Watch for vintage. First of all, if you keep your eyes peeled and can be patient, there is new old stock out there. A favorite new source: Anderson’s Classic Plumbing. Joy, who’s in the family and handles internet sales, recently contacted me. She found a major stash and is slowly but surely listing it on their site. The image above is from Joy’s stock – gorgeous. Also watch ebay — there’s usually always some vintage Hall-Mack of some sort listed at any given time. 
    2. Replace the whole thing altogether — Franklin Brass offers recessed soap and tumbler holders in both stainless steel (no rust!) and chrome. They look to have acrylic liners. 
    3. Replacement acrylic liners. Buy a replacement acrylic liner: Okay, now I am *holding this space*. That’s because I coulda sworn a reader recently wrote in with a suggested source, but of course I can’t find it. (If I don’t nab the stuff as it comes in and make a post right away, my retroworld spins right out of control.)
    4. As for glass: No known source that I know of. But if we find one, we will add it.

UPDATE: Larson Supply Catalog recommended by Lauren; I need to study.

  1. Barbara Davis says:

    We need to replace 2 lucite towel rings. They have ceramic holder so just need the rings. Can’t find them anywhere. Any suggestions

  2. Lauren says:

    I think I may have posted a link about the lil lucite tray replacements a few months back, but I’m not sure. I did find this catelog by the Larson Supply Co.* which MAY have things people need, but more research would have to be done to confirm it. As it turns out, I need a replacement plastic tray for my recessed chrome soap holder, too.. so it will be helpful to know where to buy when I’m ready.

    I know that here in Sacramento there’s a great place called Mac The Antique Plumber, and though it would be hit or miss- one could call and ask if he has those lil trays. I seem to recall him saying once that he might have some stowed away somewhere….

    Good luck,

    *Note, Pam has posted the PDF in the main post

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