The 1960s are poised to turn 50…and to mark the anniversary the LA Conservancy has created a website spotlighting architecture and history of the period in the city, and is also running educational programs through the year.

Their timeline of 1960s events (with a focus on Southern California) is terrific… and a great reminder of the milestone events we often talk about here. Like the release of the movie Gidget! One of the things that the website points out, is that the 50-year mark is generally when properties can be considered for the National Register of Historic Places. But as we’ve also discussed just recently — around the 50-year mark can be a dangerous point for old homes and structures. The mass of the public still may not “get it” when it comes to whether and why to appreciate certain features… homes are switching hands…and a lot of gutting is done that, later, leads to clear outpourings of regret. Time definitely provides perspective — and there is just barely the minimum amount of time behind us to be able to see mid-century homes “clearly.”

LA Conservency’s The Sixties Turn 5o site here.

  1. nina462 says:

    I’m here too…1962! (living in a 1965 ranch!). and I have two sets of vintage, in the box, lawn darts…that yes, get played every summer in my backyard!

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