Following up on my post about vintage rhino cloth, here is my little stash of vintage Waverly “Las Vegas cloth” from the same estate sale time capsule. This pattern — called “Caprice” — is quite “interesting” — there are atomic subparticles mixed with… maple leaves? The colors include mocha, mauvedust, sandalwood and seafoam. Sublime, each and every one.

The fabric that I found was a bound, half-yard “Purchased Length” sold by Waverly, with 10 small 4″ x 6″ samples sewnalong one end. I guess the idea was that with the larger piece, the homemaker had enough fabric to see and feel the overall pattern and drape, but she also had the 10 color options right there to take home and decide.

The key difference between the rhino cloth and the Las Vegas cloth is:  texture. The rhino cloth is 100% cotton, tightly woven, with those little rhino bumps — so it has a much stiffer feel. The Las Vegas cloth is made from 69% rayon, 22% cotton and 5% Lurex (gold thread, I believe) and because of that rayon content, has a much softer “hand” or feel — although still a durable weave. It is most certainly for (fully lined) draperies, not for upholstery.

When you get down to the complete gallery, you can click twice on the images to see them quite large (use the back button to return to the post). You also will see the gorgeous golden Lurex metallic thread running through the fabric. I am guessing that the fabric is called “Las Vegas coth” because of the intensity of these gold threads. The fabric really is quite glitzy and glamorous, and made into pinch pleat draperies really would set a Rat Pack scene.

  1. Linda Haas says:

    Love this! Similar to some I found at my fav store here in St. Louis, The Future Antique store! I didn’t realize there were different kinds. I always refer to it as Barkcloth. I made a shower curtain and will be redoing the former ‘kid’s’ bathroom this week!

  2. Cathie says:

    I LOVE the red cats – this fabric would look great on my fold out bed for my 1968 Silver Streak vintage travel trailer!

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