naugahyde colors spirit millennium collectionYes, the company that makes Naugahyde — the name most synonymous with vinyl upholstery — is still alive and kickin’ and selling hundreds different colors, textures and designs of this classic mid century upholstery material.

According to a research trail I took along the wiki, Naugahyde was developed by the U.S. Rubber Company and registered as a trademark in 1936. U.S. Rubber had longtime roots based in Naugatuck, Connecticut, which was the rubber capital of America, it seems, dating all the way back to 1847. Naugatuck –> hence, the name “Naugahyde.” U.S. Rubber was such a major force that it was one of the 12 companies in the first Dow Jones Index, when it was created in 1896. U.S. Rubber became Uniroyal in 1961, is now owned by Michelin, and today has its corporate offices in Sarasota, Florida. But, naugahyde is still made in its longtime manufacturing location — Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Jump over to the Naugahyde product page, and you can see company offers a very large selection of Naugahyde styles and colors specified for all kinds of modern-day uses: medical offices, boats, commercial establishments, recreational vehicles, and more. To be sure, Naugahyde and its competitors producing vinyl-coated fabrics are ubiquitous in the world today, given the durability and functionality of this product.

Naugahyde in retro colors and styles

Naugahyde “Zodiac” in burgundy — all glittery!

Of course, Naugahyde also can be used in homes. For example, take a look at the 85 colors in the Millennium Spirit line — these colors seem to have been developed with the retro market in mind. However, I can’t judge the texture based on the thumbnails. Before you buy – it’s always wise to see a sample first. Also, don’t miss the Zodiac line — all sparkly glitter like our vintage Schwinn banana-seat bicycles. I had one in purple and remember it well.

BUT, you cannot buy Naugahyde directly from the company — it sells wholesale only. In a post I did last year, Jan recommended Decorator Supply as a place to get Naugahyde online. Note: I did NOT do formal research on other places — but even with slap-dash googling, I quickly turned up quite a few. I recommend (1) researching what you want on the Naugahyde website, then (2) typing in the product line name, number and color (play around with this) to find online merchants. Again: Get a sample before you buy.

Naugahyde is not the only game in town. I found this company — C.F. Stinson — last year; I also have spotted Spradling online (wholesale only -but good for research.)

Finally, some vintage Naugahyde love in this story: 35 colors of vintage Naugahyde

  1. Tessi says:

    Any help of repairing a tear of only the top layer(s) of our kitchen booth would be appreciated. Our dog got up and scratched. He’s in the dog house now and he knows it.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Tessi, ouch, but you gotta love our pups! I don’t know the answer to this one. You might consult Naugahyde directly and see if they can give you any advice. Good luck!

  2. Jayme Gaines says:

    I have my Grandpa’s chair that he had upholstered in Naugahyde. He couldn’t afford leather and it was a cheaper alternative. Originally the chair had a black & tan upholstery that he didn’t care for and didn’t really match the other furniture but he loved his reclining chair with ottoman. So he saved up and had it upholstered in Naugahyde. Fast forward 60 years, 2 grandkids and 3 great grandkids (plus a few puppies) and the chair had a few nice holes in it but still very comfortable. For my 64th birthday and Christmas, we had it reupholstered. Hubby wanted me to pick leather but when I saw the Naugahyde book said Oklahoma on it (where I grew up and Grandparents lived) I knew it had to be exactly the same. So now it’s fresh and new, ready for the next 60 years and hopefully rocks a lot more babies to sleep. I have a before and after picture but don’t know how to attach them here.

  3. Jeannie says:

    I have a naugahyde sofa. I would like to decorate it up with some pillows but they constanting flop down. Any suggestions?

  4. Eric says:

    I have a Naugahyde chair with a few small holes in it courtesy of our cat.
    Does anyone know of a good repair kit that will work?

  5. Louise says:

    Anyone who can tell me what the going rate for a roll of vintage naugahyde in Canada? I just found a roll of red (vermillion?) while cleaning out my parents’ basement. 😀

  6. Carrie-Lynn says:

    Naugatuck is where I was born and raised. My great grandfather, and my grandfather, and my dad all worked for Uniroyal. It has since moved out of Connecticut, but the factory has a deep history with my town. My dad and stepmom recently sent me two Nauga dolls to add to our retro home. They are a cool piece of my history.

      1. Carrie-Lynn says:

        I know, but even more valuable to me because of all the great memories I have of them. The Naugas always sat in a chair at my Grandmas. They are so odd looking, and so cute.

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