Merry Christmas, everyone, from Ike and Mamie and me, too, of course. Thanks to Carol Hegeman, Supervisory Historian at the Eisenhower National Historic Site, for providing this wonderful 1957 Christmas card from the Eisenhower collection, featuring Mame and Ike in a Crosley utility vehicle. (Yes – that’s the same Crosley as produced steel kitchen cabinets, refrigerators and the like.) The Eisenhowers’ Christmas cards were designed and produced by Hallmark. Each year the Eisenhowers used a formal card, for obligatory mailings.  More interesting (to me), Mamie also had personal cards designed — “fun” cards that she may have put on gifts she was giving, Carol explained. No question: This is a fun one. I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday. Credit: National Park Service, Eisenhower National Historic Site.

  1. I wish you a merry (belated) Christmas, and most of all a brilliant new year and new decade. You are the queen of the decades, no — as in 40s, 50s, 60s and so on — and now here we go together into a new one. I wonder what the pink-bathroom equivalent of the way we live today will be 50 years hence?

  2. nina462 says:

    And a very Merry Christmas to all!! I must tell you what Santa (my brother) bought to this little 65 Ranch—a 1957 Sears Catalogue (did you know you could by monkeys?); and a 1963 S&H Greenstamps catalogue!! So much to look at today! If I could scan them I would…
    If your looking for gifty ideas throughout the year for fellow retro fans….always look for old magazines or catalogues!
    *and my nieces loved getting their own version of the The American Woman’s Cookbook-circa 1942 and 1946.
    A very Merry Christmas to all my retro friends!

  3. tailfin says:

    What a fun card! I’m spending Christmas in Nashville with family and saw one of these Crosley utility vehicles while touring the Lane Auto Museum Thursday. It’s a tiny, tiny vehicle.

    If anyone is ever in Nashville, you should check out this museum – it is one man’s collection of automobiles dating from the early 1900s through today. Most are sub-compact or micro cars from Europe, but you’ll see some familiar ones like Crosleys, Renault Dauphine, a mid-50s VW Beetle, an early 1960s AmphiCar. I find the place fun & I visit every year when I’m in town. Usually about 100 are on display at any one time. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!

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