After our discussion about the apron for Berry, which had a little terry cloth hand towel as part of its design, GennJen sent me a link to Jessie Steele aprons, because they, too, have a design that incorporates this nifty feature. But then preparing this post, I also get the idea to check whether the adorable matchy matchy aprons worn by Maribeth and her daughter (above) might also be from Jessie Steele. I think they are! The retro decorating gods are having a little giggle. Jessie Steele also has rockin’ apron designs for hair stylists, as well as pot holders, mitts, and dishtowels that can double as placemats. Very nice. Thank you, GennJen, for the tip.
Link: Jessie Steele Living.

  1. Rebecca Prichard says:

    These are ADORABLE. Perfect for baking! But I don’t think I will be wearing my high heels like all the ladies in the old ads, though.

  2. I love these aprons! I have both the cherry cupcake and pumpkin cupcake ones with the matching towels and pot holders. I have the traditional snowflake, too. I’ve also gotten the 50’s kitchen apron for a friend for a gift. I’m sure I will pick up one or two down the road. it’s hard not, too.

  3. carole says:

    I’m having so much trouble posting here. Grrrrr…

    If this double posts I apologize.

    Those are cute, cute aprons. Aprons have certainly gone from being simply utilitarian to every day wear.

    Having recently read the articles about pink bathrooms I had to check out the link. I may not have wanted the pink, but what they did isn’t my thing for sure. What’s with that particle board vanity? And they make it sound like $3500 is a great price. Maybe where they are, but here I could remodel two bathrooms for that price including fixtures.

  4. Nina462 says:

    I made aprons last year for my nieces for Christmas. I’m also volunteering on Monday at the local daycare for older folks…am going to show my vintage aprons and cookbooks.
    Glad I’m not alone in liking aprons 🙂

  5. MrsErinD says:

    Pretty aprons! I like the towel/potholder idea! That top print is especially nice.

    I have vintage aprons (and one new to use) hanging on one of those diamond expandable racks in my kitchen. I will have to check hers out, maybe I need another “useable” one too! (some vintage ones I am too afraid to use, others are more sturdy)

  6. Joe says:

    We got my wife a leopard print apron/potholder set from Jesse Steele last year for Christmas. It’s so nice we actually keep it hanging up in the kitchen as part of the decor.

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