Troy picked up on my newfound love (obsession?) for bargello needlepoint pillows and is making some for his fabulous Eichler. He writes:

Hey Pam, a very timely bargello post – I’ve spent the last two weeks learning to stitch – perfect for those chilly evenings by the fire when thar ain’t nothin’ on TV. Next in line is a version of that great geometric at the end of your post. Later – Troy

We convo and he explains how he larned:

i picked up two used books on, some needlepoint cloth, and some yarn and started stitching! it’s really not that hard, if you can count (over and over and over again). the big one is 20×20-inch square, took about two weeks. small one was started last friday.

I am very impressed indeed.

  1. Jean Gough says:

    Has anyone ever done a bargello quilt? I like quilting, but not the traditional patterns, as they don’t fit in with the mid century vibe. My husband’s cousin just showed me bargello quilting samples. They are beautiful!!

  2. troysf says:

    T-TJJ, the two books are “Bargello, An Exploration in Color” by Margaret Boyles (1974), and the Golden Hands Pattern Book “Bargello” (1972). Enjoy!

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