Troy rearranges his collections — in his new Eichler ranch house


I want SF Troy to come over to my house and reorganize all my collections. He’s moved into a new house — a vintage Eichler, ooh la la. I’ll have another post that tells and shows all, but meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at his collections and how he’s displayed them all, just four months into the new space. Whimsy! Color! Massing! Yup, this boy knows how to do it, all right.


Welcome, frends.  15 great photos in all.


Note globes. Are those Masketeers birdies? Note Monsterosa Deliciosa.




Please explain, Troy. From airports?


Sunscreen Bob and Suntan Bob in their kitchen habitat. Troy – how is it that the vacation platters are ‘nested’ behind the backsplash? Did you put in a new countertop and design it that way? What is the countertop? Glad to see you kept the original cabinets and gas rangetop. I recently learned that the world will not stop revolving on its axis (or whatever) if we do not all have Viking Ranges.


What the? Photos of noodles in the half bath. Okay. See? Put three, six or nine of ANYTHING together and you have an artful statement. Troy, how long did it take you to get these tic-tac-toe organized just right? When you place your collections do you stress out just like the rest of most of humanity, or do you “see it” immediately. If the latter, do not answer the question or I might have to hate you.


Umm, why do I think that this photo will launch a run of macrame owl sales on etsy.com for the next year solid? I know I wanna. However, and you know I rarely say this sort of thing: That horse head pillow scares me. Too godfather. But yowza, that rug!


1972 New York City subway maps make it clear just how pretty our lives can be through the magic of design.


The PBN dog collection’s new home. (Here they were…

in Troy’s old apartment.


A goodly dose granny ranch is essential no matter how mid-century modern you get. Cozy comfy crocheted afghans, my favorite.


My oh my oh my oh my. I want to marry you, Troy. Alas, we live on separate coasts and oh yeah, there’s that thing about the fact I’m already married, and quite happily actually. Next time.


Troy on the move. Thank you, Troy, for sharing. I will be coming back to you with some questions, and readers, there are lots more photos, for another post. Thanks for giving me this scoop! xoxo

Note to readers: Also be sure to see this post on Troy’s collection of vintage airline bags.

Viewing tip: Click on first image, it will enlarge, and you can progress through the complete slide show from there.

  1. Christina says:

    I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a long time! Thank you for this!!! Though, I will admit, I’ve been thinking about taking on macrame for some time. You’ve convinced me to do so… but to keep the matches away. Thanks!

  2. Christina says:

    I live in Denver, too. My downtown loft will never look like this, unfortunately. Have you seen that section of homes near Colorado Blvd and Florida-ish? I forget what the neighborhood is called, but basically, it’s Eichler knockoffs. If that makes sense. It’s as close as we can get to this look… unless you go to Wheat Ridge and Arvada.

  3. Melissa Leslie says:

    Troy’s house and collections are amazing. I know it’s 4 years later, but can you share the pictures of the tie contruction? such a great idea!

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