Troy’s fabulous, like I mean fabulous, collection of vintage airline travel bags

OMG, Retro Renovation readers are so talented, creative, smart, witty, and insane. How about this incredible collection from Troy?

Troy first made his presence known amidst our recent fascination with Drexel furniture (more to come). This is when I learned that he had, like, hundreds of vintage airline travel bags:

It is SO FUN to see Troy’s slide show on his website, troyland.com. He is a photographer — can’t you tell? — so the images are of course spectacular. Of course, I show only a few images here. There is something for everyone — and there are many many other incredible images from his world travels. I really like Troy’s perspective. It really appeals to me, like the stuff on this website. An appreciation for the little touches, the old and not-so-perfect things. Thank you, Troy! Now, it’s Friday night and you’ve inspired me to watch the DVD of Catch Me If You Can that I got last Christmas and is still in the packaging. A wonderful movie for our crowd!


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