Kerri’s atomic bathroom vanity – before & after

Here is the latest gift from the retro decorating gods:  Kerri’s bathroom vanity — which she renovated with terrific results.  Kerri wrote:

We found the cabinet at a salvage yard in Boulder, Colorado .  It is steel with glass doors.  We stripped the paint off the entire cabinet.  We frosted the doors with a starburst pattern similar to our vintage light fixture and painted the metal (not the chrome trim) turquoise. It turned out fantastic.


Yup, Kerri, the vanity is just fabulous. Kerri explains how they frosted the glass:

I made a paper stencil using a ruler and a protractor which we taped on to the doors.  Then we sprayed it with frosted glass spray which is just like using spray paint.  We had to use a razor blade to clean up some of the edges b/c the tape did not hold the stencil perfectly flat along some of the edges. Looking back, I would have used spray glue or some other way of holding the stencil on.

And she adds:

…We raised the vanity to kitchen cabinet height (you can see the turquoise blocks between the chrome legs and the cabinet) since my husband and I are both tall.

Kerri says her house was built in 1956 — “not a bungalow, not a ranch.” There was nothing much original remaining when they moved in, and they waited eight years to remodel — a big deal that included the kitchen, too. She’s taking more photos to share with us soon. Thanks, Kerri!

  1. Carol says:

    This is one of the best “re-do’s” I’ve ever seen here! That turqouise is a gorgeous hue, I love the mini-tile backsplash strip and I had never heard of frosted glass spray until now. You did a great job on those doors! Kudos!

  2. Maureen says:

    That’s a swinging vanity restoration! Great job!

    fyi: I’ve posted some of the material samples for the upcoming kitchen reno on my blog! It’ll start May 10! I’m on the countdown!

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