Miniature schnauzer Astro says, “Love the House You’re In”

While I’m away speaking at the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show, I won’t be posting. Expect me back online Sunday, March 7. Meanwhile: Astro the wonder dog is taking care of the house and keeping DH company. And, courtesy Mel Kolstad and her wondeful monthly collage Astro reminds us all to: Love the House You’re In. Last week a reader over on the Facebook Fan page also chimed in, “Happiness is wanting what you have.” Yes, that about sums it up. Woof woof.

  1. Marta says:

    Astro is such a handsome little guy. There’s something about the wire-haired terrier/schnauzer face that always makes me smile. Oh-so-dignified on one hand, and party-’til-you-drop on the other.

    Since he’s a smaller fellow, you might try putting him on a harness to walk him rather than attaching the leash to his collar. Properly fitted, it’s more secure and doesn’t put stress on the neck. You’ll have better, gentler, control if he tries to bolt when scared—or when he sees a squirrel once he’s more confident. Added benefit; the leash is always on top with a harness, so it never gets peed on, lol.

    The one thing I can’t urge strongly enough for any dog (or cat) owner is to give your pet a high-quality food that contains absolutely no soy or corn protein. Both are major endocrine disruptors that corrupt the immune systems of mammals. Better food costs more, but saves you a ton on vet bills.

    On the subject of loving the house you’re in, Astro is a huge plus for you ’cause he hardly sheds. Our border collie and his maine coon buddy have this place looking like floor-to-ceiling black and white 70’s shag. Other people rave about spring, but all I think of are blown coats and mud. Sigh. I guess I’ll go love my house by cleaning out the central vac.

  2. nina462 says:

    good luck on your speech! I just mentioned your website to a readers questions on another website…she doesn’t like her pink bathroom (1962)…..I told her to SAVE THE PINK BATHROOM, and directed her to view this website.
    Once again, good luck, you’ll do wonderful.

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