Matchy matchy kitchen magic for Jacquie, but what is the name of this GE brown?

Jacquie wrote me, all excited after the retro decorating gods delivered this lovely vintage brown GE stove unto her. Its color is exactly the same as the cooktop and oven original to her house, so she is thrilled to have the matchy matchy magic goin’ on in her kitchen. Oops: Well, she still needs the fridge…. Meanwhile, she wants to know: What is the name of this color? Yo no lo se, but I do know that we have some GE-expert readers… Patrick? … so perhaps you can help Jacquie out with this question, and any other tidbits?
Oh, and meanwhile, I spot the cabinets (above) – same color! – in a time capsule house. Working on permission to feature more photos from that…

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Here’s Jacquie’s story…. She writes:

I am baffled trying to find a vintage GE range color name and it is driving me crazy…maybe you can help.

We live in a late ’59, early 60’s built home,…plaster walls, block, and I do have a lot of little gems to share with you….like a radiant heater in the ceiling that we used this winter for the first time. (We bought the house in April 2009), so I have only been  here for a year, but we have done quite a bit, and there is more to do all the time, I am sure you know that!!

I have the full size range now, the counter cooktop, and the eye-level oven all the same brown color, and it is not coppertone. It is more like a chocolate cocoa color???

I am very fortunate…the cooktop with the pushbuttons and the eye-level oven were in the house when we bought it…Real Estate agents kept apologizing for the “old kitchen” and no updates…(  Like we cared…Ha!)

The bigger free-standing stove came just last week after I saw an ad on CL here in Mesa AZ from a man who had taken it out of a woman’s house in the downtown area …she had changed from electric to gas.  (He told me these things when I called him!)  She even cooked  breakfast on the stove for them before they renovated her kitchen.  She just wanted it out, so he took it home and garaged it, then posted the ad.

I’ve searched daily for a vintage free-standing stove,…just wanted one to ad to the kitchen….but I can’t even tell you how I about jumped out of my skin when I saw this old girl, and it matched my others.  It was $150 delivered!!  My husband, Glen, said “Get it Honey, before someone else does!!”  We spent the entire evening removing things and rearranging the kitchen to accommodate, but once it is ready to use and the power is on, I am going to have soooo much more storage…I can’t wait to be able to use the drawers, and free up my cabinets. For now we have had to move the refrigerator into our dining area, so it made things look a little out of sync, but we can deal!!  I cleaned mostly  dust off her and a little grease, but nothing major, and the oven door feels like it has never been opened…the spring is very tight.  It is in beautiful shape. “Babe” is being powered up on Friday this week, I have to run another 220, and a 35 amp breaker…. older home bugaboos that we take in stride!!  Here is her portrait, and thanks for the help!  (and her other 2 relatives, all at home in my kitchen!)

The man who sold it to me also threw in a hood, it is a “Ranger” needs lots of cleaning, haven’t started that yet, but I would like to put it over the stove if possible. Not so sure of the year of the stove, but with the color the same as is in my house, there can’t be much of a difference ..possibly 1959-1960?   I would LOVE to find a matching FRIDGE!!!  Maybe I will be blessed and find one someday.

That color…it is different, don’t you think?

You will be happy to know that my husband and I have gotten mostly everything from auctions, ads on Craigslist, and Re-store or Stardust Building Supply here in the valley of the sun.

Thank you  for being attentive and helping all who will listen to have the foresight to “recycle” the right way…this history is to be cherished and protected.

Your Vintage lovin’ friend,


I love the color, Jacquie, and it is so cool that you have the growing and near-complete set. GE Friends, what do you think? What’s the name of this classic appliance color?

  1. Amber Dawn says:

    Hey, that’s the color of MY kitchen! My oven has a window, though. It is paired with mint green. https://flic.kr/p/e5SiYL

    My oven hood is dark brown, however, but it has the buttons as opposed to the range because apparently people would accidentally bump into them and turn on the burners without realizing it? I love it, but the fridge is missing and my husband won’t let me have an old one.

  2. Wellesley says:

    Jacquie, I have the same brown GE push button stove top and I need to know the MODEL NUMBER in order to get a burner for it. Please, let me know if you know the model number or know the information regarding ordering a new burner. Thank you.

  3. patt says:

    It’s not ‘brown.’ GE calls it Copper ! I have one just like it. Mine’s a 1964 model. The model number is located in the face of the big oven when you open the door. You can call GE service at: 877.959.8688 and ask them the name of that ‘brown’ color. I was flabbergasted. Never knew a copper that dark.

  4. Allen says:

    I have the same built-in GE single oven! I need a thermostat for it but the Model & Serial #’s are destroyed on the name plate. Can you read your name plate and tell what the alpha/numeric information is? PLEASE! I need to fix this before Thanksgiving 2014!
    Thank you,

    1. pam kueber says:

      Allen, this is a really old story, very unlikely that Jacquie is monitoring. Please see our FAQs – the folks at the TOAC or another of the forums dedicated to appliances may be able to help you. Good luck.

  5. Phil says:

    Help! I’m trying to find drip pans for my 1958 GE cooktop. It’s just like the one in your picture except that it is turquoise. The universal-fit drip pans from local vendors don’t work with the vintage hinged coils. Did you have yours replaced?

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