Voting extended to MONDAY to vote for Leslie & Aaron’s house as one of the 10 favorite homes in LA

I first wrote about “Leslie’s Kitschy Dreamboat Time Capsule” almost two years ago, and since that time, it’s become one of my most popular posts ever. And what’s not to love about this classic 1966 suburban LA ranch house that includes a conversation pit, big rock wall fireplaces and an amoeba-shaped swimming pool? And then there are Leslie and Aaron — who don’t take it all *too* seriously, filling the house with Moss lamps, peacock sculptures and light-up paintings… but who *do* take it seriously enough to have applied for and received historic certification for the house. They are great caretakers and surely, lovin’ the house they’re in.

Now, the house has been nominated in an LA Conservancy competition to name the 10 favorite residences of the Sixties. Hey, Retro Renovation community, let’s help them make the top-1o! There are 20 finalists, and they are all pretty darn cool. The reason I voted for Leslie and Aaron’s “The Kramer House” is that it’s… well, a family house. The write-up says, “the house displays a true cornucopia of popular architectural elements from the 1960s. ” Just like ours!
It is SUPER EASY to vote. NO REGISTRATION required. Just jump over to the voting page … and vote for The Kramer House, which is 15th on the (alphabetic) lineup and slide show. Update: Voting ends Monday (April 26) — so vote now, seriously, it will take just 30 seconds. Good luck, Leslie & Aaron.

  1. jkaye says:

    Hi. I cast my vote for the Kramer house, and, I’d like to think I would have voted for it even without influrence from here. There are some amazing structures in the competition, but, the Kramer house fits my image of the classic ’60s ranch home — but on an LA scale, of course!

  2. kate mckinnon says:

    Most excellent- THE CHEMOSPHERE!

    John Lautner is my favorite midcentury architect, hands down.

  3. That’s great company to be in! I voted for it because it seems like the perfect sixties mash-up of architectural and stylistic elements. And so beautifully decorated by Leslie and Aaron. Good luck, guys!

  4. error 404 says:

    Wow, they are up against some heavy hitters!

    I voted for them just because they were the only “mid-century modest”

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