46 new historic paint colors for Arts & Crafts bungalows

The folks at California Paints sent me a bunch of materials on their new 20th Century Colors of American paint portfolio — a historic line that includes 110 colors in all. Their package included a deck of large paint chips — so yesterday I literally pulled out the hacksaw to cut apart the little plastic doodad that held the chips together so that I could scan the large chips in my by period.Today: 46 colors that are recommended for Arts & Crafts homes… also known as Craftsman homes… from around 1900-1920..

Like California Paints does on the its website, I will forewarn that neither my scanner nor your monitor is going to capture these colors perfectly. Take these images as directional only… get actual samples from a California Paints dealer. Even so: 46 paint colors to ogle.

To launch the slide show: Click on the first image… Look for the little arrows below each image to move forward.


The Arts & Crafts period is famous in particular for its bungalow homes — like the kind that are now very popular and I am told, expensive, in places like Pasadena and Portland, Oregon. You also see Arts & Crafts… also known as Craftsman detailing in Colonial Revival homes of the period. My 1912 home in Michigan, the one I owned before this one, had beautiful quarter-sawn oak in the dining room, foyer and two parlors. I was all about Stickley, Rookwood, Roycroft, and the like. Meanwhile, here is an excerpt of what California Paints says about the period and its iconic paint colors: “This period emphasized the handcrafted and the natural in all aspects of home. Natural color inspiration came from wood grain and textures of stone, tile, leather and metal. Earth tones, unexpected shades, and rich accent colors defined this era’s palette.”

Disclosure: At the time of publication, California Paints is an advertiser on the blog. Girl Scouts Honor I woulda done this post regardless. In fact, I’ll be posting all four 20th Century palettes soonest.

  1. Helen chance says:

    Hi I’m a fine art student looking at the 1950,s colour palettes and really need one of those colour fan, colour swatch things for my work……please help me to acquire one for my studies, yours hopefully Helen chance x x x

      1. Helen chance says:

        Hi I read the above comment almost as soon as I had sent you a message, and noticed the email add for the company! I’ve just penned them a hopeful mail to see if they can accomodate my request. You have such a lovely page here and it’s been great inspiration for me as a fine artist interested in the 1950s art, design and archetecture, keep up the good work!!! Thanks again Helen x

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