Pink bathroom power: Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

Need some inspiration to get going this weekend? Well, run into your pastel bathroom and give yourself a big pep talk — like this adorable weebit. This video has been going viral since last June and finally made its way here last week — two readers sent it just days apart. Marion was first, reporting: “Found this on FB – thought you might appreciate!” Then came Donna, who said, “I know this isn’t exactly about renovations, but the bathroom is an excellent pink with a hudee ring sink, and I’m certain that contributes to the little girl’s positive outlook! Love your site, I get so many great ideas here!” I also posted it onto our Save The Pink Bathrooms site — more juice for the cause. Thank you, both, Marion and Donna. And, everyone, repeat after me: “Now my whole house is great… I can do anything good…”

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