The “Hot in Cleveland” tsunami is good for all things mid-century modest, I tend to believe. Hey: Check out the Dishmaster faucet in the kitchen… and the Armstrong vinyl tile floor arranged in vintage style. I tend to believe the set designers found these: here at Retro Renovation! 🙂

  1. Scott Zeigler says:

    I’m on a mission to find a china cabinet/hutch like the one on the show. My wife says she wants one just like it. Can anyone point me in a likely direction?

    Please and thank you!!

  2. June says:

    I am going crazy trying to find the fabric used for those curtains. Every time I watch the show I fixate on the windows. I now think they are a toile damask as I do not see any human figures in the print.

    There is no way to contact the set designer. I hope we get a response here.

    1. pam kueber says:

      June, I did leave a comment — try Country Curtains, that would be my best bet idea to find something similar.

      1. elizabeth says:

        There is nothing in Country Curtains that resembles those curtains….still looking for the red kitchen curtains!

        If anyone knows where to find them, please leave a comment on where you have actually seen them! Thanks!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Sandy, those look a bit like a red toile du jouy on cream background. I’d recommend you try: Country Curtains.

      1. jamie menges says:

        I have been looking everywhere for those curtains too! The same curtains (or really similar ones) are in the living room as well. I have watched it over and over and they are not toile du jouy they are more like a floral design or something. Does ANYONE have any ideas! I REALLY would like to put them in my kitchen!

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