Design a retro bathroom floor tile with Dal-Tile’s Mosaic Design Tool

Lauren and other readers have mentioned that local retailers don’t even know that this Dal-Tile Mosaic Design Tool exists. To be sure, it’s wicked fun and a very dangerous way to waste lots of time. That said, I only wish there were (1) a preview feature and (2) a way to make the whole thing bigger for the screen.  How to you like my pink and golden granite and speckled marble “Romany-Spartan”-esque design? Medium grey grout and I have the foundation (haha) for a serious pink and grey 60s bathroom renovation. Luv.

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  1. Stephanie Wiecz says:

    Another idea for doing glass mosaics in multiples…. you can buy a plastic frame that holds the 1×1 tiles and make your own mixed patterns. Just make one original and color a template underneath to match or use codes for the colors and put it underneath the frame, as it has holes under the tile spacrs. Then when you fill it, just put a piece of clear contact paper over it and remove the whole finished set. Then repeat for the next one. I did a few bathrooms like this rather than pay a very high price per square foot for the tile companies to it for me. I also did gradient mixes with mosaics myself. I can send a photo of the frame, I will need to dig it out. I got it somewhere online, from some place that sells mosaic tiles. I cannot recall exactly where, but I a quite sure it was mosaic artist type site, selling mosaic supplies. Just let me know if you need more info.

          1. Elizabeth from Texas says:

            I’m glad I’m not just dim-witted, because I’ve been searching for it for an hour! But I’m not glad it’s gone, because we really need it for our powder bathroom…

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