One more week to win a “Love the House You’re In” collage — featuring you & your home

[Contest closed.] Be sure to enter to win this month’s Love The House You’re In collage… like Joe, Anthony & ruff ruff Bella, above.  Read on for instructions on how to enter. It’s pretty eeeezzzzeeee….

To enter, complete these two steps:

  1. Leave a comment on this post answering the question: What’s your favorite flavor for a summer ice cream? And: Cone? Cup? Shake?
  2. And, subscribe to my newsletter. Yes, this helps me build my newsletter list… I send ’em out just once a week, usually.

Please read all the rules here before entering, they all apply. I’ll pick a reader the last day of the month — so there’s a lot of time to do some crucial ice cream taste testing, as required, to make sure you leave an answer for the ages that’s just right.

Meanwhile — thanks again to Mel for a fabulous collage! You can find Mel’s collage works on flickr and her blog, Much Ado About Stuff.

  1. geraldine says:

    LOOOVVVEEEE!!! Pink Lemonade soft ice cream during the summer in a cup please. On a cone, I prefer plain ole vanilla. My favorite shake is cookies and cream, yummy!

  2. Kristin Gallagher says:

    summer ice cream!! My favorite in the summer is mint chocolate chip. My hubby and I went to Nevada City this summer to a place called Treats, where they made some homemade mint chocolate chip (that wasn’t green colored), and it tasted like it came straight from the garden. so delicious!…and usually a cup. 🙂

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