Make your own Save The Pink Bathrooms tee shirt — Retro Renovation TV

After seeing the Save The Pink Bathrooms tee shirt that reader Taylor designed and wore to my first-ever Save the Pink Bathrooms talk this spring, gosh, everyone wanted one. So I made this video showing how to do it. This was actually the first video I made with my new camera… the idea was to launch RRTV on the right foot with the proper note of ridiculousness… alas, it just took me a while to finish it.

Please note: The main supply you need for this project: Pink sparkly Transfermations iron-on letters available from Michaels. I cannot find them online and am keeping my fingers crossed that they are still in the store for you. If not, gosh, just use something sparkly, and remember, you need multiples of: S, O, E, H, A, and T (ignore what I say in the video.) If you make a shirt or bag or….?, send me a pic, and I’ll put it on the blog for sure! Thank you, Taylor the Magnificent!

  1. jill says:

    the video was great….i just cant take my eyes off the curtis jere metal sculpture in the background. i love it!!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Is that what it is, Jill? There are two birds that go with it. $5 for everything at a tag sale a few years ago. I leave this out all winter, though… and it’s rusting slowly but surely… Still it fits the space perfectly and makes me very happy to look out out my kitchen window…

  2. Lauren says:

    I’m not always successful doing at-home crafts, so there’s the online design option, as well.. like this:
    I didn’t take too long to make this one, but one could potentially make a really cool t-shirt if you had the time and graphics 🙂
    ps.. there are several other t-shirt design websites that can be used, instead of cafepress.. a quick google search should do the trick.

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