Mid century modern lattice from Acurio Latticeworks

mid century modern wood workAfter I wrote about Lynne and her vintage room divider, I got to poking around the internet looking for companies that made decorative panels that might be appropriate for mid century modern homes… and found my way to this company, Acurio Latticeworks, which has an intriguing product.

decorative latticemodern fencingmodern decorative latticedecorative lattice for a modern houseBasically, it seems that they take 3/8″ PVC panels and using computer controlled cutters, machine the panels into all kinds of designs — including ones that have a classic mid-mod look. Now, I was kind of skeptical at first, thinking the product might feel “cheesy” or “cheap”, but the nice marketing team actually cut me some 12″x24″ samples and mailed them to me for a look. I like them – they have a nice hand-feel… they are not “shiny” like vinyl fences (not my favorite thing), and they take paint.  Also, they said that if you didn’t want PVC, they could do them in MDF — which is going to be heavier, including to ship, but might be a better solution depending on the application.

What might I use these for? Well, first of all, I do think these design are more appropriate for a mid-century modern home — they have that modern, atomic feel. In my colonial-ranch, for example… I don’t see them suiting the vibe.

mid century modern wood workAcurio shows them used as a deck liner: yes. That’s the “four point star”, above.

decorative privacy screenAs a privacy screen: yes.

mid century gate materialAs a gate insert: yes.

I also think they could be used to construct an interior room divider – like Lynne’s. I think I would go for the MDF, though — you want a “substantial” not flimsy feel for something that big and which you will be so in your face.

mid century modern latticeAnother way to get a thicker installation would be to layer some designs — the one above is two separate panels layered; I’d repeat the circle on the other side and make a sandwich – it would cool from both directions, that way.

I’ve also seen screens sitting on top of bathroom vanities creating a divide with the toilet — that would be an idea, too. Planters? Potting benches? Decorative folding screens?

… I think these provide a lot of creative opportunity. I would be careful, though, to use a busy-design item like this very carefully… very strategically… this is likely the kind of touch where “less is more.”

Link: Acurio Latticeworks

  1. Donald Lombardo says:

    6/27/19: This is EXACTLY what I am looking for for the side of my mid-century rottage (part ranch/part cottage) porch! I’ve scoured the internet and this four point star is PERFECT! THANK YOU soooooooooooooooooooo much for posting this!

  2. Ron Macken says:

    My company custom laser cuts panels in wood and we have a variety of mid century patterns available for use. Here is the link:


    All of our panels are custom cut so the pricing is higher than a stock product but it does allow you to get exactly what you want. In addition to standard patterns, we also do custom designs. Here is a gallery of some of our work:


  3. Shae Kuronen says:

    PAM! You’ve done it again, amazing find! I have the purrrfect place for this, unfortunately the girlfriend has put a “new projects moratorium” in effect for the next little while. Begrudgingly, I trudge onward to finish what I’ve started…

  4. Jill says:

    amazing! Thanks for sharing! plans to work on our patio & yard soon and these would make great privacy screen/dividers!

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