Maryanna’s black and white ceramic tile checkerboard floor

black and white ceramic tile checkerboard floorThere was lots of good discussion in my recent post about checkerboard floors. Should these go on the square or on the diagonal? I was initially very pro-square, but readers sent in photos and comments, and I changed my mind: Go either way! Maryanna wrote:

I have checkerboard! But mine is 12-inch ceramic tile rather than vinyl. Mine is also set on the diagonal. I went round and round about it with the guy we hired to lay the tile (no big surprise there) but I insisted, as it opens the room up more and seems less “off” if the squares don’t line up perfectly along the cabinets or walls. Here’s a photo of the dining nook for reference.

Yum, Maryanna. I LOVE your dinette, too. And what brand and color is that yellow on your panelling — that is one terrific yellow — not too “green” and it really holds its own with the black and white!

  1. Ricci says:

    I am coming across this in 2019 as I prepare to do a checkerboard floor in my kitchen. You mention driving all the way out to the Inland Emprie. That’s where I grew up.

  2. Sarah says:

    Sherwin Williams’ Harvester may be a close match (but it’s hard to tell in the photo, exactly!): they say it’s an orange, but on the wall, it is a warm yellow. I tried a LOT of yellows, but they looked green or grey in my house. This one looks yellow, even by the light of a lamp at night, which I love. Polvo de Oro is nice, too – it’s a deeper shade of the color.

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