What’s in our big box from the Big Box store?

at the home depotToday, a reader guessing game. DH and I went to a Big Box store late last week and came home with a Big Box. What do you think is in it? I’ll add a new clue every 5 or 6 guesses. Your first two clues: (1) It’s in a big box, and (2) I could buy it at a Big Box store.  Update, we have a winner… click on thru for the answer — would you have guessed it? –>

formica retro boomerang countertop laminateUpdate: We have a winner — Matt. Yes: It’s Formica’s aqua boomerang laminate. It is being discontinued after Jan. 17th, so we bought two 5?x12? roles in case we ever had a problem with ours — this is what we used in our kitchen. We actually are calling Formica today to to see if we can store it in this role, or whether we need to flatten it out. Two 5?x12? roles are a ridiculously large amount — I think it’s enough for four replacement countertops… but at about $100/roll I thought what the heck.  Anyway, read this post on Formica discontinuations … I don’t know if there’s much aqua left, but if you need it — order it NOW: https://retrorenovation.com/2010/10/02/formica-retro-countertop-discontinuations-more-info/

Update II: One of my Monday to-do’s after picking up the laminate late last week was to email the friendly PR team at Formica to ask about how I should store my three lifetime’s worth of aqua boomerang laminate. Despite my hopes that it could remain all rolled up in this tidy little box, they reported:

STORAGE: Formica Brand Laminate should be stored horizontally, with a caul board or other protective sheet placed on top to protect the material from possible damage. The material should be protected from moisture, and should never be stored in contact with the floor or an outside wall. Optimum conditions for storage are approximately 75°F (24°C), and 45% to 55% relative humidity.

Oy vey. The Lucy and Ethel show continues, as now DH and I must now  find a place to prop it not to mention learn what a caul board is yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes I know so much about home renovation I put myself to sleep I’m so boring. 🙂

  1. plastic laminate as a floor surface would scuff up really quick.

    i just checked the formica board in my office, which was noted as updated on 9/2010 – the only boomerang laminate sample left is the gray, 6942-58 Charcoal Boomerang Matte.

      1. cool, just corroborating!

        i spoke with our local big box store and they said the warehouse in allentown had a good supply of the aqua boomerang! so ordered several rolls we did. thanks again for the tip, i would not have thought to do this!

  2. Cindy says:

    Great shot of you in the Big Box Store. We are a rare breed who smile so broadly over something like boomerang laminate. I’m tempted to get some, too, but I don’t even need it?! But need isn’t really the point, right? Enjoy!

  3. Gavin Hastings says:

    Now for the storage part:

    I gree with Nina462. The attic is out, but I like the idea of a drop sheet plywood ceiling from your basement rafters? You could leave it there for years and it would never be in the way….

    And since you are looking ahead to the future, can I suggest you purchase another holder for your new hand-held shower? Just leave it under the sink for years to come or “the new people”. Things happen- and a few years down the line, it may become impossible to easily replace.

    I guess you bathroom video made a big impression on me…..

    1. pam kueber says:

      yes, i’m doing either the drop ceiling in the attic thing, or, i have 12′ of bookcases in my office that i think they can fit behind…. if i had a wall down i could time capsule them!

  4. Nina462 says:

    As for storage: Could you store it above the rafters in the garage, perhaps laying it flat? Or if you have a storage section of you basement – perhaps make a drop ceiling so you could store it flat. Is there any unused section around your furnace, perhaps? As you know, that’s where my old windows are stored.

  5. question, how did you track down the laminate at this location? did you call the store? did you do a yellow pages search? i want to do the same thing, but i admit i have not seen laminate in rolls at our local big box stores.

  6. MCM is Grand says:

    Happy New Year!
    The Jan-Feb issue of “This Old House” magazine includes an article all about the virtues of laminate! Among the featured swatches is the boomerang Formica discussed in Pam’s mystery post, although (whoops) the article does NOT mention the fact that this is discontinued. Nevertheless, it’s some handy info to keep for the files.

  7. Ann Nyberg says:

    Ok, I’m a loser, saw you already posted this, thought this was going to be an all day deal….I have now put myself in a corner as in “loser.”

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