Sledgehammer this! More pink bathroom love from the newspaper world

Tee hee and yeehaw, here’s another story about Save the Pink Bathrooms, featuring three other readers — Meghan, Fiona and Carri — in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. It is so fun to help make these stories happen! I guess I know lots of folks with pink bathrooms, so it’s pretty easy to connect them when reporters come a-callin’. And, this story is really really good! Home and garden writer Kim Palmer captured the spirit of our little quest — which is emblematic of our bigger quest (to love midcentury homes) — just beautifully. I’m kind of proud of this quote, which explained how/why STPB got started: 

“My readers and I got into a conversation, a mini-rant,” she [Pam] recalled. “It was the ‘Flip This House’ era, with all these TV home decorating shows, and every day we’d see somebody going in with a sledgehammer. Not just ripping out a pink bathroom but doing it with evil glee. I said, ‘C’mon, these pink bathrooms aren’t horrible.'”

There are actually three parts to the Star-Tribune tribute to check out, the main story and two sidebars:

  1. Nina462 says:

    Hi all- I lived in Mpls too and there are a ton of mid mod homes, especially in all of the suburbs. I lived in Hopkins for 14 years….wanted to buy a ranch home but decided to move back to MI to find my dream home. Well, I almost bought one in Brooklyn Park.
    My original apt in St. Louis Pk had a pink bathroom.
    I am so glad to see some peeps from old place checking in! I did pick up a Ranch home redo catalogue from the 90’s that describes the ranches in the suburbs. I should scan a copy to Pam –
    We could be Midwest Mid Mod!

  2. Amy says:

    The same day I found this site, I saw a House Hunters show on HGTV where they looked at a mid-modern ranch house with one pink bathroom, one blue bathroom and a blue metal cabinet kitchen. Of course they said they’d have to blow it all out. It didn’t help that the house was very run down and had some odd Asian themed living room. Very sad. They did choose this house and gutted it. I think the real turn off is that things are dirty and run down rather than just looking dated. They should have a show about restoring and cleaning up these vintage houses. Kind of like the Pawn Stars spin off show about the guy who restores old stuff like Coke machines only for home interiors.

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